New Moon Ritual Goddess

New moon ritual ceremonial intentions the goddess rituals and spells,
how to embrace the new moon for magical purposes.Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles

new moon ritual
New Moon Ritual Goddess

Perfect Timing

The New Moon Ritual a perfect time to call in your warrior energy and tap into your courage and strength. This new moon ceremonial intentions will focus on bringing balance and healing and peace to all those places and people on the planet and within your immediate environment which are caught up in the tumultuous grip of war and warring.

New Moon Rituals can be performed either in the world or on the inner plains, once you have become proficient at casting your circle and connecting with the gods in the traditional way. The inner work must be as real to you as if you were acting it out in the real world, which with practice can be achieved.

Sweep and prepare your circle. Before you enter your circle make sure you are properly prepared by letting go of your busy day and leaving it behind you outside the magical space you have created. Sit quietly and perform the light body exercise. Cleanse and purify your area with salt and or water.

New Moon Ritual Goddess

With your wand or pointer finger, cast your circle in the usual way invoking the guardians of each element as described in The Wheel of the Year. Place a candle in the middle of the circle representing the spirit and the element of fire.

Once you feel the vortex has been activated,
join hands if you are working with others,
and dance around the candle chanting:

Hecate, Demeter, Kali. / Isis, Astarte, Dianna, / Inanna !

Allow the energy to build until it is alive and spinning and you feel the presence of these Moon Goddesses. At this point, the nominated leader with call “stop” and with hands still joined, and half-closed eyes.

Stare at the flame until you see a beam of light connecting you to it, drawing in the light. Drawing in the flame. Consciously empty out all your negative Marcin qualities like anger, jealousy, aggression, ruthlessness, selfishness, etc.

Fill this vacuum (which natures abhor) with the qualities of the spiritual warrior-like courage, strength, compassion and most of all peace. Feel this tough love build within your heart and send it out to surround the entire earth with a filament of healing greenish gold.

Visualize this energy building like a cloud, getting denser and denser until it showers the entire globe with healing energy and peace and courage and strength to those who need it most.

Know that is it so.
To close the circle says: “As the radiance of this ceremony fades, let it remain as a light in my heart.” Dismiss and thank the guardians by saying: “May the spirits of the four quarters be blessed.” Blow out the candle.

“May the blessings of the Great Goddess be always with us. I declare this circle closed. May the inspiration continue within my being.” Close your circle. Blessings from the Grove. © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

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