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New Moon September 2015 – Partial Eclipse

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New Moon September 2015
New Moon September 2015 Partial Solar Eclipse

Astrology Meaning September New Moon

This powerful September new moon on the 13th is in the zodiac sign of Virgo ( 20° ) and is a partial solar eclipse. The Virgo eclipse new moon is in opposition to Chiron ( the wounded healer ) bringing resolution to old conflicts and disappointments we may have with ourselves or others. Jupiter and Neptune are opposing over the new moon indicating heavy unstable energies, it could either be a touch of fortunate luck with vitality or a lethargic display of smoke and mirrors. On a solar eclipse new moon, our sense of balance both physically and spiritually is temporarily interrupted, our internal compass spins in dismay looking for true north. When this energy settles after a few days from the new moon you’ll find clarity and grounding again.

Spiritual Meaning New Moon September 2015

The eclipse new moon this September will shut down our unconscious and conscious to allow a reset of the physical and spiritual being. Tiredness and a slight dizziness accompanied with a few cramps may be felt this new moon as the spiritual knowledge reboot kicks in, hang in there the feeling will pass giving way to a new found joy for life. During this time there is potential for us to accelerate our spiritual growth by being acutely aware what is said internally to ourselves and using the information to correct bad behaviors, negative dialogue and internal conflicts. The strength of this new moon eclipse energy may also drive us to go to extremes in our reactions, thoughts and actions, so be extra careful to maintain some self-control. Silence is wisdom this new moon.

New Moon Ritual September 2015

This September new moon ritual is all about a calm peaceful transition into the realms of the astral as the crone in the disguise of the panther spirit, to gain the most from the eclipse energy reboot. Collect a handful of mugwort leaves place them in a small bowl, infuse with lavender oil, rest the bowl close to you while you meditate. © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )