New Moon May 2015

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New Moon Meaning Astrology

new moon meaning may

New Moon May 2015

New Moon May the 18th in Taurus AEST

This May new moon has the potential to be a very deep, mystical, magical and a visionary experience. And after the intensity of the Scorpio may full moon and the end of the eclipse season, the field begins to settle mid-month.

Mercury will have moved into Gemini and we will have wings on our dancing shoes. With Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Cancer trining Neptune on the 17th May, we have a marvellous moon for spell-making and seed planting.

In your New Moon Ritual may 2015, visualise the pattern as an arrow head with Venus at the point, Pluto providing the thrust and Mercury / Jupiter as the barbs or guidance system. Contemplate what it is that you want to achieve or let go of and aim this arrow at your passion or desire, thrust with full power and watch it fly to the target. By the June full moon you should have some kind of reply from the sky gods. © by Astrologer Jyoti Eagles

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