New World Order Top Ten Shopping List

1. Smart phone, we must be able to track your every movement, have control over your pictures and meta data. You also must be addicted to these products it is extremely important you have no time to think or interact at a truthful level. We need you numb, full of fear and only touching the outside world from a distance.

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2. Only shop at major shopping centers, only buy GMO products and use your credit cards. Do not shop at local places do not support small business in any way shape or form. What ever you do, do not grow your own food this leads to independence and health, therefore you’re not eating our genetically modified foods.

3. Drink plenty of Pepsi and Coca Cola, buy it every week by the carton. It has GMO high fructose corn syrup and it will bring the ill health and change of DNA we are looking for. Plus we prefer you to be infertile and aggressive. Ill health is important it keeps the economy going.

4. All the latest technology including Google glasses we need your entire brain and life in real time. We will then use this information to find any faults in our new materially aggressive brainwashing system.

5. The latest game consoles and online games, make sure the games you play and buy are destructive and teach you how to kill and destroy. Basically anything with guns, war, killing and death. This is important it keeps you asleep and in control and locked in your home socially inapt.

6. Motor cars which use oil and electricity, these industries need your help from the solar freaks that are trying to take our money. We will stop any government trying to give money to the green effort.

7. Spend all your time dreaming and thinking of shopping. Spend money and burrow as much as you can. Buy anything you see on TV and online, buy, buy, buy it, it will make you happy and wanting more material objects which have no substance or real use in ones life.

8. Buy the children guns, bow and arrows, plastic army men, war planes and tanks, this will breed the level of anger and destruction we need to make good obedient soldiers. Buy them video games on war so they will learn early the strategies of war.

9. Go into early debt through education, you will learn nothing but you will have lots of little bits of paper to look at. The biggest brainwashing tool we have is education, start your children as early as possible, twelve years is not quite enough to totally have their thoughts. Make sure you spend all your money on university our biggest money maker.

10. Media devices you simply cannot have enough this is how we control you and tell you what and when to buy. The company we have under control now is apple so go ! go ! buy apple we have designed these devices with an injected implant to further control you and stop you thinking. For those of you who don’t know I’m being sarcastic. – Ian Scott

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Ian created Thrive on spiritual magazine to share love, light and truth. Ian’s amazing psychic ability and his warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian has helped many people find their way again spiritually after grief and loss of a loved one.

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4 Responses

  1. Psychic Pharmacy Tech

    I am also spiritual with a wicked sense of humor and that can lead to some awkward silences sometimes! There is a lot of truth to some of the things in your post, though. I so want to get away from all of this technology, but I have grown up depending on it. I am slowly trying to scale back but it’s hard to do.

    • Ian Scott

      I do sympathize with you, as I type on my computer how ironic the things we do to make our message heard, thanks for the feedback, wonderful.

  2. Ian Scott

    Thanks for the reblog I know its not so funny but as I m writing it I cannot stop laughing actually when you reblogged it I cracked up even harder. I am very spiritual I just have a wicked sense of humor. thank you so much again

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