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Full Moon November Meaning 2017

november full moon
Astrology and spiritual meaning November full moon supermoon 2017 Australia

Full Moon Super Moon November Astrology

This November the full moon rests on the 4th AEST at 3.22pm in the star sign Taurus 11°.  Sun in Scorpio. (Full Moon Nov 4th EDT New York 1.22am Sat) The November full moon is a perigee moon or supermoon which is when the moon is closest to the earth within its orbit. Making for a stronger influence on the earth and its people.

With the full moon sextile Neptune, the planet of oceanic energy the whales and dolphins receive a burst of energy along with us. A shaping of intuition and a clearing of our path to our supermind is the magic of this very special full moon. A spiritual full moon one of growth and emotional comfort.

Venus sits opposite Uranus providing a gentle soothing romantic energy over the full moon. With a combination of emotions lust and the wanting of real love now is the time to search out that someone special or create the next loving chapter of romance within an existing relationship. Especially for all those Libra’s out there.

November Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

It is a time of awakening the gods and goddesses within to share their knowledge and awareness with us. The very cells in your body ignite this full moon reminding you of your ancestors’ wisdom and of our divine purpose. An abundance of happy energy is available this full moon. You just need to stay open to infinite possibilities and the wonder of life itself. Staying positive could never be more important this full moon. It is the only way we open ourselves to such magical energy.

Never think it is too late to love again. Love is endless.  A little change of perspective and an open heart will achieve miraculous things. Remind yourself of all the beautiful things in the world.  Attune yourself to nature and all of its cycles and seasons. Take peace in the knowing movement brings change, keep moving stay positive and you will see your wishes come true. A time to focus on inner peace and the little things that put a smile on our face.. © psychic medium Ian Scott.

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