Astrology: November Horoscopes

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Zodiac star signs


Aries – Mar  21 – Apr 20

Yes Rambo, that sweet art of subtlety will take you far this month as you wrestle silently with your psyche.  Underground resistance to necessary change needs to be smoked out, but your obsessive compulsive behaviour leaves you and everyone else bewildered.  So now that you’ve probably had your mind blown by a foreign (and possibly male) guru figure and embraced a new philosophy (or parts thereof) it’s time to take a good look at yourself because an old situation or attitude needs to die… and die swiftly.  Don’t be afraid to let it go because new dimensions are opening for you but first you’ll need to take one last sweep after the 14th to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.


Taurus – Apr 21 – May 21

Charming… to the point of seduction, this month is all about yin and yang baby and the fine art of relating… and in particular how your actions affect others.  As you will be spending quite a bit of time at work, then some of this energy will be released onto colleagues and employees although all your intimate relationships will be under fire.   As you look closely and scrutinise, it is important to deal with creative conflicts which will inevitably occur.  Weigh up the differences, balance the scales if you can, but if you can’t, then it might be wise to seek some counsel to get an independent perspective.  This will force you to look even more closely at your own position and ask the question “Are we good for one another?”


Gemini – May 22 – June 21

Just when you thought it was safe to open your big mouth, a shift in energy on the 14th will have you firmly shutting your trap… or else repeating yourself again (and again).  Faced with the prospect of being misunderstood, it’s a good idea to keep your blower shut and locked for now as this is not a time to put ideas forward… it’s a time to revise and rewrite.  There will be a focus on health and setting up an established routine (and sticking to it) so that the changes which are occurring in the mind, can manifest in the body.  Healthy mind/healthy body is your mantra so get chanting and disciplined because you’ve got a lot of work to do.  If health advice is needed, just make sure that you get two opinions before deciding on a course of action.  And even then I would wait.


Cancer – Jun 22 – Jul 23

BIG news for you this month as a solar eclipse on the 14th reboots your love life and creative world, putting a smile back on your dial.  You may see a group of friends in a new light and decide (depending of course upon your mood at the time) which ones can stay and which ones should just sidle off into the distance.  If surrounded by kids (or grownups acting like kids), then the focus will be on having some fun.  You should feel more carefree than you have for quite a while… ready to socialize and partay.  Have fun and be yourself, but at the same time you need to reassess how you act in a group dynamic so that you can become more aware of who you really are.  Know thyself baby.

Leo – Jul 24 – Aug 23

So what’s up there pussy cat? It seems that your favourite sleeping spot has suddenly become de rigeur … and everyone wants to sit right in the middle of it.  Over your dead carcass, I hear you meow!  Too bad tiger… that special and total solar eclipse on the 14th is just for you… stopping and restarting your deep, dark and secret past. This is a superior time for self-reflection and psychological evaluation since it is past-conditioning that has shaped your emotional reactions and responses to stimuli today.  But those responses which may have been necessary for your survival when you were a kitten, Kitten, are no longer appropriate and if not faced head-on could hold you in a suspended state of arrested development.  Let ‘em go.


Virgo – Aug 24 – Sept 23

So clever aren’t you?  As the official brains of the zodiac you can out think and out analyse any contender (especially right now) as your mind penetrates deeply into all that you focus on.  But wait… and wait some more.  An uncomfortable shift in energy on the 14th forces you to withdraw and for once, your opinions are not quite as cutting… or accurate.  Restless to the point of distraction you must look once and look twice before you make up your mind.  All forms of communication are likely to experience “crossed wires” so make sure you speak s-l-o-w-l-y and clearly so that lesser mortals can understand.  If it all gets too much then take time off, drive to the beach for a day in the sun and relax…


Libra – Sept 24 – Oct 23

If you got it… then flaunt it baby, flaunt it!  You are one heck of a gorgeous, lazy specimen this month… simply glowing.  And quite partial to making and spending a few bucks if you can be bothered to get off your voluptuous derriere and get down and dirty.  You crave beautiful objects d’art to surround the wonderful world of you, and indeed your natural charm is amped up high, so you will have no problemo getting what you desire.  But it will be difficult for you to not get attached to the material realm because right now what you own and desire is an extension of who are.  Certainly don’t go shoving what you got in everyone’s face as this could be seen as greedy and obnoxious.  You?  Greedy and obnoxious?  Never.


Scorpio – Oct 24 – Nov 22

Well Happy Birthday Stinger… your iron mask is firmly fixed in place.  So still and serene… it hides the deadly beast poised to strike with ruthless ambition.  Sounds perfectly delicious, don’t it.  Of course it does because the cosmos is delivering you some major power cards to play with and you would be a damned fool to waste this opportunity.  So what if everyone else is having a lousy time.  That’s not your problem.  What is of concern, is that you are ready to move in for the kill but the timing is out because on the 14th a reverse shift in energy will force you to reassess and rework your strategy.  So if you want results, you’ll just have to wait.  PS. Try practicing the art of “harmlessness”… it does wonders for your complexion.


Sagittarius – Nov 23 – Dec 22

Hello?  Are you there?  Not sure because this month you seriously have your head so far up in the clouds you can see heaven.  And it’s soooo nice and relaxing up there, breathing in the heady scent of the astral plane.  So even though it might not be a good time to fly anywhere on Earth right now, flying high in the ether is a definite goer.  Just be aware that after the 14th you may get lost in this misty realm and it could take a fellow traveller to pull you back to terra firma.  But that’s where the devil in the detail lives and all the demands of your relationships are continuing to drain your vital juices to the point where you just want to be alone.  Well do it… get thee to a monastery and levitate.


Capricorn – Dec 23 – Jan 20

Yes indeed… you now have more power and stamina than you know what to do with.  So it’s time to integrate yourself into a group dynamic and get to the top of the heap if you are to be of any use to the collective.  Some might call it overnight success but you know that you have worked long and hard to get where you are.  And nobody is going to take that away.  But although you’re itching and ready to put your foot on the next rung up the hierarchy, a disturbing surge of energy around the 14th will throw you back a step or two for a few weeks.  Put ambition on hold and chip away at those stony walls that block your dreams and visions for a brighter future.  You deserve some happiness.


Aquarius – Jan 21 – Feb 19

Are you heading in the right direction?  You should know by now, but with so many directions to choose from, you could end up poleaxed.  Stunned but nevertheless functioning, it’s time to get out there and go crazy!  Camera. Lights… and Action!   This month shoves you into the spotlight and exposes you to the masses, but with more responsibilities attached, you’re not entirely comfortable… but anyhoo.  Just watch that ego of yours, Weirdo, and cop any criticism, especially after the 14th because you are being tested.  Know yourself and where you are heading in life so that your public persona projects who and what you really are.


Pisces – Feb 20 – Mar 20

For the past five months you have been swirling around in the ether, not sure what is real and what is imagined.  Lost in a misty web of illusion all has been possible as you have explored the inner realms of your subconscious.  Dreams (remembered or not) have played a major role in your waking hours as the cold hard facts of reality have been difficult to swallow.  But around the 11th this hazy energy should start to clear and you begin to see what is really happening around you.  No more sacrifices and no more “victim mentality” as travel and philosophy beckons.  Whether in body or mind, this travel will have far-reaching implications in broadening your perspective on the big wide world.  So get out your flippers… it’s time to swim.  Go go minnow!

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