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Find Your Personal Year Numerology Number 2016

Personal Year Numerology Number
Numerology For 2016

Psychic Predictions And Spiritual Meanings For 2016

The year 2016 is a powerful psychic number, the number nine 2+0+1+6 = 9. Number nine is the end of the numerological cycle bringing significant endings to things which may have had a long run and opening fresh new beginnings to take their place. Number nine is the number of the wizard multiplying any number with the number nine and adding the results than reducing to a single number it always comes to back to the number nine. Example 4 x 9 = 36, 3+6 = 9. The number nine is the guardian of all other numbers, nine is the non-judgemental spiritual leader of mystical influence and spiritual energy shifts.

2016 has the potential to raise the consciousness of the planet with its karmic spiritual tones of ascension. This is the year to focus on miracles and spiritual growth in people we never thought possible. The number nine has the power to transform, uplift and shock us into ascension and spiritual behaviour, for this reason, the dragonfly becomes our guardian for the year 2016.

The number nine holds many magical secrets exposed by spiritual moments and the year 2016 is highly tuned, sensitive, intuitive and geared for change. 2016 is a powerful year and the one which highlights the changing climate of our planet earth, marking the end of fossil fuels all over the world. Nuclear comes under scrutiny after several countries have nasty results in 2016, giving way to renewable energies and the sun for energy. Unfortunately, this is what it takes for change to happen and for the inhabitants of the earth to proceed in the right direction.

2015 with its wild weather sure allowed us to see the planet is changing, 2016 is no different. Actually, worse in many ways. The ring of fire is set off in motion with many underground disturbances causing flooding, earthquakes and possible land breakage. The countries in the firing line are Japan, New Zealand and Australia. A similar event takes place in America along the fault lines of California and other nearby states.

Your Personal Year Numerology Number Forecast 2016

Personal Year Numerology Number
Numerology For 2016

Often referred to as the destiny number. Your date of birth is the moment in time you arrived on earth, it has significant value on your life’s journey.

Numerology Calculations For Your Date Of Birth

Example of how to calculate your date of birth
15th – December – 1985

15th Day
Reduce to a single number = 1+5 = 6

December 12th month
Reduce to single number = 1+2 = 3

Year 1985 = 1+9+8+5 = 23
Reduce to a single number 2+3 = 5.

Now add the day 6, the month 3 and the year 5 together = 14
Reduce to a single number = 1+4 = 5.

The numerology number for the 15th – December – 1985 is a 5. To find your personal year numerology number for 2016 add your date of birth number and the number for the year 2016 = 9, in our example 9+5 = 14 = 1+4 = 5. Read the corresponding numerology and spiritual meaning to your personal year number for 2016 from the list below.

Personal numerology meanings for 2016

numerologyNumerology forecast of number one for your personal year ahead. Journeys of self-discovery are the highlight for number ones in 2016. Finding that commitment and hard work is two different things in all areas of your life, business, relationships and family. 2016 augers a time of spiritual energy, emotional drive and understanding you don’t have to come first to be a winner.

The number has a definite shift of energy taking you away from the dark night and into the bright sunny day. There have been setbacks in the past year or two but the tide is turning stay on track and focus on goal conquering.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number two for your personal year ahead. Time to get that temple in order… that sacred space of yours harmonious, and then (only then) will you get what you desire and what you spiritually deserve in 2016. Creating balance in your life is the key for the number 2 in 2016, finding direction in doing what is for your highest good, rather than doing what you may think you need to.

Don’t forget you are master of your own destiny take the reins of your future harness your own personal power 2016 is not the time to play the victim.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number three for your personal year ahead. A strong positive and productive year for the number three, 2016 and the number three influence each other combining the powers of three. Look forward to exciting surprises unexpected outcomes and adventurous spontaneity.

Relationships are boosted along with your romantic energy, good time for marriage and the solidifying of business relationships. A happy energy shift helps you to tackle the hard work achieving your goals for 2016.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number four for your personal year ahead. A challenging time for the number four with your sense of tradition questioned and your old ways of doing things. A change in your thinking allows you to see how you can approach things differently to receive the outcomes you’re looking for.

There is positive forward energy and movement to be found here, look deeply into yourself and your behaviours in 2016. Spiritual growth is inevitable in 2016 some of us will choose to learn the hard way.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number five for your personal year ahead. Imagination explosions and thoughtful ways to heal ourselves and others take precedence for the number five’s in 2016. Creativity, expansion of the mind takes place inside the number five’s a spiritual growth spurt which has been a long time coming, now evolves.

Take caution as you ride the tiger’s tale in 2016. Although full of adventure and success, minor setbacks will occur if one does not check the circumstances before making a move. Health is brought to the forefront and diet seems to be the problem. Remember food is medicine, take this message into 2016.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number six for your personal year ahead. Home and loved ones are pulled into the spotlight for the number six in 2016. Having trusted family and friends around you this year will be important to you. Bringing peace within your family unit and helping the ones who just cannot do it on their own is the calling energy for the number six.

In a spiritually transforming year such as the number nine, the number six holds the key to practising, understanding and learning unconditional love.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number seven for your personal year ahead. The rediscovery of latent healing abilities and reconnection to your passion of spirit emerges this year for the number seven. A time to honour your receptive intuitive side of your spiritual nature.

Work on blockages these maybe chakra related or physical related to your health or spiritually related to your thoughts. 2016 is a healing year for the number seven, not just for themselves but for others around them.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number eight for your personal year ahead. A strong but unpredictable energy hovers over the number eight in 2016. It will be a high impact year ushering in spiritual tests and possible hardships. Sounds a touch negative, well not really the number eight is open to changes this year, changes you may not necessarily plan for or want. But in the end, changes which will bring more abundance and love into our life.

By staying positive and having a right of action by your side you may avoid the pitfalls of 2016. Turn negatives into positives find a way to do that all through the year and the rewards will be great. The number eight energy this year could go either way.


numerology 2016Numerology forecast of number nine for your personal year ahead. Big moves ahead for the number nine this year, it will be an accumulation of the past eight years an ending of a huge cycle. Going over lessons of the past and gaining the wisdom that goes with it. A complete comprehension of the growth which leads you to where you find yourself today.

With this new superpower of learnt wisdom, you’ll be able to succeed where you could not before. Spiritual growth and ascension are within your reach. Now is the time to act upon your talents and call the wisdom of the past to catapult you into the future.

For the number code and more numerology, you can do on your own head to our numerology page. Related content spiritual meaning of the numbers. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.



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