Aspen Tree Symbolic Meaning

Aspen Tree Lore

Aspen can be called upon in times of fear and war
and that all gods angels stand by and come to those that can
use aspen as a projected telepathic sound to call the gods.
( © Ian Scott )

Aspen Tree Meaning

Aspen Ogham letters meaning

Letter: E/EA
Celtic: Eagha, Eadha
Latin: Populus tremula
Element: Air
Astrology: Saturn, Sun, Jupiter.
Animal: Dove

Aspen Ogham Divination Meanings

Aspen tree meaning is associated with conquering fear. It’s very named ‘Populs tremula’ (the trembling Poplar) hints at its nature, as Aspen quivers with the slightest breeze, always on the move, a way of shielding oneself. The word ‘aspen’ comes from the Greek Aspen, meaning shield. So it comes as no surprise that the wood from this tree was used to make shields. The sound E is the sound people make when they are grieving and one of the uses of Aspen timber was to measure bodies and graves.

Other meanings include the ability to endure and conquer our problems, doubts and self-confidence issues. It helps prevent illness and gives us the strength to overcome adversity with willpower and sensitivity. To know yourself by dealing with your shadow side.

Ogham Aspen Healing

The bark can be used to treat fevers, UTI’s, and sexually transmitted diseases. The buds made into a salve to treat wounds, and sore throats. An aspen leaf placed under the tongue helps you to be more eloquent with speech.


Aspen Tree Health Uses

Shields, plywood, matchboxes. Bach Flower remedies use aspen to treat fears and apprehensions.

Ogham Runes and meanings Aspen

Fear is not to be feared – but rather recognized as the opportunity to embrace our shadow selves and grow. This is the energy of the spiritual warrior. Aspen gives us the protection to master our fears. Perhaps one of the most important messages Aspen can bring is the setting of boundaries. To truly know yourself and your capabilities. It teaches us just how far we can bend without breaking. It is closely associated with speech, language, kinship, communication and dispelling fear. And as Dove suggests, ever so gently. The shield is there to protect us from our thoughts, fears, and doubts when we attempt to overcome odds. Do not give into to worldly pressure. Trust your inner voice for courage and strength.

Aspen Tree Meaning

Aspen tree meaning from the Greeks tells of Heliades who crashed to his death after driving the chariot of the Sun. His sisters turned into poplars and trembled with their grief. There is a popular Aspen grove dedicated to the Goddess of death on Kalypso’s Island of the Blessed. (Mac Coitir, Irish Trees).

Ogham Magic Aspen

One cannot work magic if your head is muddled. The results will be muddled. So the old adage ‘know thyself’ is particularly important when doing the work. Use aspen to meditate on your shadow self and to face those inner fears. © by Druid Priestess Jyoti EaglesOgham Cards

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