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Owl Hawk Crow Spirit Totem Council

animal spirits Owl hawk crow
Spiritual Owl, Hawk and Crow

A Shaman Story

Spiritual Shamanism Animals

Drifting into the journeys
that may only be revealed at night.

A small fire and a smoke-covered clearing.
Kneeling on the ground feeling humbled and honoured.
For you to find your self on the grounds of the kingdom keepers.
Spiritual Owl, Hawk and Crow.

Granted the opportunity to sit with the three.
No time should be wasted, do not hesitate.
“Is there a message, oh wise ones.”

Owl releases a feather onto your lap and says.
“ Take this feather, let it remind you that in silence wisdom is found.”

Hawk then bows forward, taking your vision from you, and says.
“When you cannot see, is when you see the most.”

owl hawk crow totem animals
Spiritual Message Owl, Hawk and Crow


In curious anticipation, you wait to hear from the crow.
Always in a mysterious silence crow steps forward, and says.
“Here is a pouch filled with all the magic you will ever need.”
Before you have a chance to reply, “ the pouch is empty.”
The vision disappears. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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