The Pagan Beliefs And Christmas

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Here it is!! That mad time of the year again!! Where we all spend money we don’t have to give presents to people who don’t really want them in the name of a religion we don’t really believe in. And we’ll all eat too much and drink too much and bitch too much with or about that family member we have unresolved stuff with.

The thing is, most of us cannot resist the urge to be conditioned. The rape of the mind. Its done through the media, through guilt, the family, schools, world-views and generations of compliance. If you ask me Constantine and his heretics have more to answer for than Hitler in the name of karma!  They changed the history of mankind and threw a spanner in the works which has thrown the whole planet off-balance and its time to take a stand.

In the course of the Christianisation of Europe in the middle ages many of the pagan traditions were simply replaced by the new Christian dogma. Officials knew that in order to allow people to continue to celebrate the seasonal rites with the rest of the community, it was essential to choose dates similar to those already being celebrated by the villagers and simply give them a new name. Make claim to their heritage.  The rape of the mind.

Interestingly enough, the birth of Christ was not even celebrated during the first 3 hundred years of the new religion. It was Pope Julius 1 who chose December the 25th as the date that the birth of Christ would be celebrated with the hope that the choice of that day would be more easily accepted by the romans. but as time went by the officials of the church could not ignore or control the celebrations – which consisted of parades, merry-making and gift-giving, culminating on the 25th December with a winter solstice ceremony. I’m quite sure that Jesus the man would turn over in his grave if he saw what the church has done with his teachings!

Remember, the conception of Christianity coincided with the birth of the age of Pisces – a 2,000 year period where the energies bathing our planet were rather watery and nebulous to say the least. A perfect time to convert the masses, dare I mention the Illuminati ? As I said in a previous article, tell the people that sex and intuition is evil and you can control the world! They also used some of the signs and symbols from the Pagan roots including the fish (Pisces) for their symbol of Christianity. And the few, not the many, continued to carry out the more magical rituals behind closed doors.

Then they killed anyone else for doing it.

So excuse me if I sound cynical but I for one refuse to play the game of Christmas and have done since my children were quite small. All four of them have tried for years to rope me into complying, and now use my grandchildren as a reason to participate.  I tell them that I want to be the grandmother who stands up for her beliefs and thinks. As Druid Priestess I joyfully celebrate the seasonal changes, as the heart of Druid spiritual practice lies in the celebration of the eight special times of the year: the solstices and equinoxes and the four cross-quarter day ceremonies – which have been called the Celtic fire festivals. I hope one day my children and grandchildren will join me. Yours beneath the starry heavens.Jyoti Eagles.


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