Pangolin Poem

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pangolin poem
Poetry about a pangolin

Saving The Pangolin Poem

One of the most hunted animals on the planet, the pangolin is killed eaten and used in so-called medicine. Medicine is in the animals spirit not in its body, to eat or kill such a beautiful animal only marks a sign of immaturity and sickness not to mention evil hatred. The pangolin is on the brink of extinction we simply cannot let this happen.

To The People Who Use Animals As Medicine

Animals used for Asian medicines number in the thousands, I cannot think of anything else that will kill you quicker than to use these so called medicines. The spirit of the animal becomes negative if used this way, tuning into an animals spirit and asking for their help spiritually, physically and emotionally is the way you use animals as medicine. The karma attached to such barbaric and cruel practices is huge and something that should be thought about before you make the damnedest decision of your life.

 Pangolin Poem Spiritual

Seeking refuge here long ago
I’m too from another world
I’ve learned to live here under stress and duress

I thank the many who strive to help
Coming here making earth our home
was not a decision taken lightly

I’m Pangolin my home from many moons ago
is no longer, here I’m with you
Sharing my love and peace of character

There is a wisdom in my walk
some may see it, some may not
When I walk, I share a story of a thousand lifetimes

Please just sit with me
I will talk my walk
Sharing the cosmos secrets with you

I’m Pangolin medicine
wisdom from another land
And I hear you call my name

I bring peace, love, affection and healing
Watch me walk you’ll see
the magic that lives inside of me

When you’re ready to talk
not hunt or kill
My walk will be over to greet you.

© as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards