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Past Life Regression Creating Healing by Experiencing Past Lives

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When some people hear me say I conduct past life regression sessions, the thoughts of possibly being a queen or someone famous will inevitably pop into their mind. This is usually far from what actually happens during a session. The idea that it is an entertainment service and fun to see what your past lives may have been, is one I’d like to dispel. While it is interesting to learn about our past lives, it is a therapeutic service meant to provide insight and healing for the client’s current life.

What is Past Life Regression?

According to Wikipedia the definition of past life regression is “is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation.” As a hypnotherapist, I subscribe to the belief that past life regression is a powerful hypnotherapy tool used to heal clients from past traumas, cycles, and events. By unearthing their past experiences, this can bring forth healing and removal of blocks in their current life.

My Own Beginnings in Past Life Regression  I would like to refer to my own experiences as a client for reference as to how this therapy can heal us. I have undergone past life regressions multiple times and each time it brought about a sense of deeper understanding of myself and my current path.

My first experience was with a colleague and I was purely curious and wanted to experience the process if I was to learn this technique. She explained to me that it would be like previous hypnotherapy experiences in that the beginning would relax my body and then my mind so that she could bring forth my subconscious and speak directly to that part of me. What differed from my experiences in the past, was that she would then ask my subconscious to take me back to a past life that is significant and would provide healing for me. I would be able to speak and answer questions from her to gain knowledge of what I was experiencing.

I relaxed deep into my overstuffed recliner and settled in as she began to speak. The lights were dim and there was the faint sound of spa music in the background, just enough volume for it to fill the void between her words. I remember her describing a liquid relaxation spreading through my body and that is where it gets fuzzy. It is common during hypnotherapy sessions for the client to remember bits and pieces only and that is what happened to me.

A Past Life with my Soulmate

What I remember next is feeling my legs gripping the saddle on the back of a large grey horse that was speeding towards what looked like a gathering in a very formal looking garden setting. There were rose bushes and women with parasols and men in expensive suits scattered about the lush green grass. I could see a rather large structure behind them that looked like it could be from the renaissance period. It had beautiful steps that led to this regal looking building, which was my home. My horse drove forward, and I was surging with adrenaline and it bubbled up as a giggle as I rode even faster! I glanced back to see another rider chasing after me on a brown horse, gaining on me quickly. I looked at this man and my heart fluttered, and I bit my lip in anticipation.

I could see his cocky smile and determination catch me, so I focused on what was ahead of the garden party. I weaved in and out of trees, bushes, and in the centre was a large statue of an angel and pond that I splashed through. My father was yelling at me to stop this instant and I ignored his demands as usual. I felt that he was constantly trying to force me to be someone that I wasn’t, and I refused to be one of those women in those lacey dresses pretending to enjoy gossiping and being nothing more than a wallflower.

I remember feeling proud of myself for riding this well and showing the crowd that I couldn’t be tamed like them. My legs were a bit tired and I slowed my horse as we were far from the garden now and approaching the goal, our tree. I arrived first and turned my horse to see him. His eyes were icy blue and sparkled like a diamond, his blond hair was blowing in the breeze and one of his curls had gone astray and was sticking up. This made me giggle again and I jumped off my horse to greet him. He dismounted as well, and we embraced as if we hadn’t seen each other in a thousand years.

His arms were so strong just as his heart was soft. As I was experiencing this, part of me recognized this man, he was familiar, like coming home. I knew it was my husband in this life. I felt his energy and my soul recognized his soul. He told me he loved me as we leaned up against our tree and looked beyond our aristocratic prison that our family called home and yearned to be free of it. We knew we would at some point and that it would be an adventure we would experience together.

The Bond of Soulmates is Timeless

The hypnotherapist had begun to bring me back to this lifetime, and the experience gets fuzzy for me again until I remember wiggling my toes and fingers before opening my eyes. All I wanted to do was to call my husband and tell him that I had been right about knowing him before and us being soulmates. My colleague asked me if I remembered anything during the session and I told her what I remembered. She said my face had a gentle smile on it the entire time.

She asked why I felt I went back to that particular life. I paused a moment to collect my thoughts and told her that I felt that seeing my husband and how much we loved each other in that previous life strengthened our bond in this lifetime. I have trust and abandonment issues in this lifetime that I struggle with. I know my husband loves me, but I fear being abandoned for some reason. I tend to only trust myself. I knew that no matter what happens, or what there is after this lifetime, that we will be there for each other and find one another. It was comforting to see us so in love in that lifetime and know that we love each other even more now.

A Past Life in Poverty and Death

I had one more session with her a couple months later and the same scenario played out prior to my subconscious choosing what lifetime to experience. I don’t remember very much at all this time about the beginning, although I know how the process works and I was being progressively relaxed until I started speaking to her about the life I was experiencing. I remember laying in a small bed with some blankets laid upon me. I was in a dusty smelling small room that was the entire home; bedroom, kitchen, and fireplace all in one square space.

There was a washing basin next to me and I could smell the smoke in the fireplace, and a hint of maybe some sort of herbal broth cooking on it. The next thing I noticed was that I was ill, weak, and was having a hard time breathing. I also knew things; I was very poor, a thief, and a man. My wife looked at me with a furrowed brow and she kissed me on the forehead and told me she loved me and not to fight it. I loved her so much and it pained me to see her in so much distress over my condition. I was remembering my life; a life of scraping by to live. I stole food, so we could eat, I would ‘borrow’ tools and other items that I could swap or sell so that she could have fabric for a new dress.

I didn’t remember a time in my life when we had more than just barely enough. Even with the struggles we encountered, I felt I lived a good life because I lived most of it with her. She was compassionate and strong, never complained about our circumstances but made the best of what we had. I was ashamed that I had to steal but she reminded me that if people would hire me for work, we wouldn’t have to steal. But because of our beliefs, we were shunned, and no one would associate with people like us. She reassured me that I did what I had to do and she loved me for that. I could feel myself slipping away and I felt warm tears fall down my face. The thought of leaving her had me in a pure panic!

Then the fear of leaving her alone swept over me like a wildfire and she saw it in my eyes. She leaned down and told me I left her with plenty and she would see me soon. Neither one of us were in good health and she knew she wasn’t far behind me. She told me she wasn’t afraid because she knew I’d be there waiting for her on the other side. Holding onto that thought, I left. My body was there in the bed with her bent over me, but I was looking down on the scene. I had died. But what I experienced next wasn’t fear or sadness, it was love. I felt like I was being bathed in some sort of loving energy, leading me home.

Lessons Learned from Past Life Regression

I remember my colleague’s voice counting me back up and I opened my eyes and realized I’d been crying. I had real tears and I felt such a loss. I told her what I experienced and that I knew why I’d been shown this lifetime. I have a terrible relationship with money in this lifetime and tend to spend it too quickly and constantly worry about not having enough. I feel guilty if I have money but at the same time yearn for more of it. I was shown this past life and learned that I can let go of that poverty cycle energy and move on.

We made plans to have a hypnotherapy session the following day to work on releasing negative energy and thoughts around money and abundance. The other lesson I felt I learned was to not fear death as I had before. I experienced my soul leaving my human body and what I felt was love and excitement to begin the next phase of my existence. I had felt the loss of my wife, but I had known she would be with me wherever I was going next, and that was comforting to me to experience this transition.

Past life regression is a healing modality that can open doors to in a client’s current life in a way that no other therapy has the capacity to do. I feel that this is a beautiful healing tool that when performed correctly, can bring about beautiful positive change for clients. © Danae Sweet

About the Author

past life regressionDanae Sweet is a certified Reiki II Practioner of Usui Shiki Rhoho Reiki. DaNae is also a certified Life and Spiritual Coach as well as Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her education and certification in those fields are from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona. 
SWIHA is approved by the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), licensed by the Arizona State Board of Private Postsecondary Education (AZPPSE), certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) as well as certified by the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH).

Her sessions create a safe space for growth and insight for her clients.  Her purpose in this lifetime is to provide clarity, healing, and guidance from Spirit to those who seek it. 
You can learn more about past life regression therapy and how it can benefit you at DaNae Sweet past lives regression