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“Everybody has at least two abilities encased in them,
these are usually found at a young age”.

Jai Waetford

Jai Waetford

Most of us know the story of Jai Waetford the 14 year old boy who stole the show and our hearts on X factor Australia. Watch his original Don’t Let Me Go. He say’s he learn’t on the internet. Now before you go trying to master 4th concerto with tutorials on You tube consider this.

Jai Waetford has an unforgettable audition that is stamped in all Australian minds. A seasoned professional with one performance, how does this happen ? what a gifted child. He has an old soul with recall, that is has memory of some or all of his past lives. You guessed it one of them must have been a musician.

Similar to the organic bodies growth and maturity into an adult is the growth of the light being or soul. An old soul could have had up to or over a 1,000 life times. Here on earth in the age of ascension it is possible for us to attain total recall.

Part of spiritual growth is the time you begin to remember at least one of your past lives. Once remembered skills, attributes and emotions are downloaded into your body matrix allowing one to physically repeat a skill learned in a previous life. It is old souls like Jai Waetford that bring this teaching to life. He is in the final 12 now lets watch him win, don’t forget though all good things take awhile to warm up. With Ronan Keating at the helm I’m sure he will guide Jai Waetford to unleash his best.

Jai Waetford sings Michael Jackson: The Way You Make Me Feel

Thanks to a post from Justin Beiber on instagram that had
over 10 million views Jai has collected a world wide fan base.

“Make the music you want to make Jai Waetford,”
“God has really blessed you.
I’m a fan and I haven’t been impressed
like this in a very long time.” – Justin Beiber

X Factor Australia week 6 Jai Waetford / Justin Beiber: That should be me

After a lengthy tour with the x factor, what’s next for Jai Waetford. On December the 6th 2013 he produced his first EP released on i tunes self titled Jai Waetford. It features his very own song he auditioned with, Don’t Let Me Go, except with the backing of a band and singers, personally I like the acoustic version. The EP also features the song x factor wrote for him if he won, ( he made it to the final three which is a win ) Your eyes. 2014 should see Jai working on his first album, let’s hope there all his original songs with out all the fanfare, we do simply just want to hear Jai sing.

2014 updates
Along with turning 15 this year, Jai Waetford has other highlights to look forward to. On April 4th at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast, Jai Waetford ( tour dates ) will play special guest to Justice Crew ( #HYPETOUR ) on their Australian tour.

On March the 28th 2014, Jai Waetford brings out his new single on itunes “Get To Know You” a catchy song one you can sing along with. Jai shows an improved voice and a maturity to his work already. Jai Waetford stay mindful, the music industry is on your tail – Ian Scott

What Happened To Jai Waetford

He grew up a little produced a few more songs with this one on top Living Not Dreaming.


4 Responses

  1. technicgeek

    With memories of his skills in previous lifes, they get downloaded into his body matrix allowing him to reproduce them in current life? Reminds me of Matrix movie scene where operator downloads instructional manual of flying helicopter.

    Now how can I do that for myself to recall skills acquired in previous lifes…

    • Ian Scott

      Hi thanks for comment, as a part of spiritual and psychic development over time past lives reveal themselves. Allowing you to tap into that life.

  2. Niño Roman Palacielo

    What’s the point. He is not an illuminati he’s great and we all know that. He is the finish product of himself, you don’t know nor do I what’s his experience before going through what he is now. Just respect him. He is just a child. Thanks.

    • Ian Scott

      That is exactly my point he is not illuminati nor do we want him to be and I think he is fantastic, that is why I have gone out of my way to promote him and his music. And yes He is just a child and it’s awareness articles like this one that will prepare him for the music industry. At no point did I say what he would turn out to be, that has come from you.

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