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Personal Power

Personal Power And Spiritual Development

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Personal Development Spiritual Awareness

Personal Power Definition

The inner and outer worlds of spirit, present to us messages of personal power and ancient wisdom. All we do, all we see, and all we experience are inspiring us to have an awareness of our own personal power and connection to the universe around us. Enabling us to be taught how to use it, to benefit all we touch and all whom we come into contact with.

Personal and spiritual power and the ability to harness its energy, allows us to constructively create circumstances around us that have a practical and physical impact on the world around us. World events in this present time give us an opportunity to make use of this superhero within. Personal and spiritual power made manifest and in the forefront of our lives, conjures, past life talents and gifts as well as altering the course of our life for our highest good.

The mind will transcend us, but also hide our potential. We can all let go of beliefs, habits and behavioural patterns that provide obstacles in our seeing the divine light of spirit in all living things. Any mindset that separates us from the whole, will prevent attainment of true personal and spiritual power.

An open free mind that is listening to the heart and the spirit is needed to ascend upwards and away from negativity and into a positive light. Allowing us to add our own spiritual light to the world and see our own personal power and the ancient wisdom we all know deep inside. We are divine beings on a divine planet that is full of love, so full of love, in fact, the ills of the world are absorbed and solutions are found. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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