Perth Rune Stone Meaning

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Perth Rune Stone MeaningPerth Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings Perth. Connections with the Aspen and Elm trees and has a direct link to the Ogham letter Perth guelder rose. Perth holds the hidden secrets, the mysteries and the power of earth magic. Perth rune appears when a secret is happening before you, something that was previously hidden is now revealed to you.

Perth rune stone meaning augers a spiritual advancement of sorts unveiling a rich intuition with which to work with. Perth often appears in times of doubt reminding you, intuition the feminine side of us all has a strong inner knowing. The message is we need to listen and to trust our gut feeling or intuition.



 Phonetic: P -Pot or Cup
God: Frigg
Keywords: Mystery, Astral world
Symbolic Meaning: Magical intervention
Element: Water
Health: Sexuality, Birth
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Perth Rune

Carve into lamps which lay beside the bed conjuring pleasant and prophetic dreaming. Meditate upon to enrich one’s knowledge of another, used to create a psychic pathway to another person. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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