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White Light Prayer

white light prayer poem

White Light Prayer Spiritual Poetry

When the Earth and it’s people hurt, we all hurt. Three days before I cry, three days after I mourn. We are all connected knowingly or not. If you are unconscious to the planet and its people, the effects of emotional turmoil and human suffering will still play a part with you. Stop for a second, recognize your anguish at this time as your connection to the world. Gather your love and compassion not for yourself at this time but for the people of the Philippines. Send love as if it’s for your own Mother. Send strength and courage as you would your own brother. Unconditionally white-light the Earth.

You are not lost, you’re in my heart
I know where you are
Free yourself we are still together
I can feel you beyond the veil, I love you

The heavens need you now to work from there
We are not lost, we are connected forever
My home is in my heart and my heart is not lost
Gather round all Love, all Light
Clear the people of their fright

Bless their families and ensure the transition leads to light
My child my children you are not lost, you’re in my heart
I feel you from beyond the veil.

Being in-tune with the world and its people is natural because we are all a part of the same family, the people of Earth. Take a little time and meditate with these intentions of healing and love sending it to the people that need it right now. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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