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Spiritual Poem Turn Tables

Inspirational Spiritual poem turn tables Realize you are a beacon
of light burning bright and become the change, you wish to see.

Spiritual Poetry Turn Tables

Inspirational Spiritual Poem

“Turn The Spiritual Tables”

Every now and again we are given
another chance at a glance,
it feels like it’s over before it began.

Change is imminent,
when the rope is fraying and still you remain
still chained to thoughts of yesterday in vain.

Cut the cord or it will
slowly break away and take you with it
If oblivion is what you see then so it shall be in your reality.

Transform your dreams into
visionary inspiration, it’s motivation
I can’t explain it but devastation only lives
breathes and breeds on what you feed it.

Creation works in the same way,
you can only get out what you give.
Believing this isn’t easy and no it can’t be bought it must be sought.

Insight is as free as a prerogative,
but it’s not a given it can only be taught.
Keep in mind all the lessons you have learned throughout your life.

This will be your guide, a manual,
personalized and written for you to survive.
Ingrained in the soul for eternity like tattoo ink becomes a part of your skin.

Spiritual Poetry Turn Tables

Cause and effect can bring forth
moments of reflection endorsed by the source.
Of course, chaos and confusion can bestow wisdom and clarity of thought.

Listening to natural intuition
assists in inner peace and spiritual growth.
Once you hear it determination encourages maintenance and maintains courage.

No need to hurry the process
or speed up to catch up, the rat race is just a mouse trap.
A set up established by the fat cats in positions powerful enough to play high stake games.

The illusion of power created has us delusional
in an unusual obsession to be professional.
To chase the perception of physical and material perfection, far from spiritual, it’s detrimental.

Time to fight back and take back what belongs to us,
the souls we sold just to fit in a mold.
In the night, light the spark until it appears as a twinkle in your eyes and fuels the fire inside.

Let it out, be fierce and watch it set the whole world alight,
have no fear, relax, enjoy the ride.
Fear is natural but so is hope and it prevails in the face of uncertainty and adversity.

Everything you feel
is an electromagnetic energy field that sprouts from sheer will.
If you want to help seal or heal some wounds then reverse the currents electrical charge.

Reel it in and let it be soaked in
so you can project the positive power within, end the suffering now.
Realize you are a beacon of light burning bright and become the change you wish to see in your life.