Poetry Behind the shadows

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Spiritual Poetry

You have been hiding from me a long time now

Perhaps in the dusty pages of the books I left unfinished
Perhaps in the tuneless overplayed songs in my heart
Perhaps you were a place in my mind, a vision unseen by the eye
Perhaps you were a whisper in the winds I missed in the chill
Perhaps you were the times I can’t remember but won’t forget

Maybe you were wrapped up in the words I like to hear,
‘Strong’, ‘Understanding’, ‘Love’, ‘United’ and ‘Freedom’

Maybe you were in contradictions like, ‘Chaos’, ‘Mystery’,
Vulnerable’, ‘Solitary’ and ‘Bound’

Maybe you passed me by, leaving golden sparks behind, a trail for me to find
Maybe your shine left me blind for a moment in time, leaving me behind

Maybe you are the edge of a sepia-tinted photo,
gleaming with meaning and memories.

Maybe you are on the edge of the universe
beaming with atrocities beyond comprehension

Yet exuding beauty in every direction,
gently touching the senses with wild excitement
Systems and structures so complex their geometry becomes sacred equation
I wonder why I have not felt you before,
and what this need is, to know you once more
To feel your warmth pressed upon me, as your glow soaks my skin,

My soul is immersed in your love, the love from the suns shine, the suns life… Wendee Valencia