Spiritual Poetry: Universal Opening

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Times have been heavy, the Age of Aquarius dawning
Delving into the Photon belt has left us feeling weary
It’s time to communicate, set fire to these divisions these barriers
Like a great man once said ‘be like water my friend.

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No more regrets no more fears, years of mourning have ceased
The sun is rising the new Baktun is upon us, transformation is occurring.
We are feeling more deeply, Thinking more clearly
Now we need to speak with clarity and act accordingly.

Infinite spirits, dwelling in this physical space only for a moment in time
A chance to learn about the universe, within ourselves, through ourselves.
A spiritual ascension awaits us around the corner, we’ve been dormant
But our souls are lighting, some flaring, we’re awakening

There is a heavenly sound emanating from the darkest part of the universe.
It calls to our center, It calls to those who hear, those listening within
Our questions , our dementia, our answers, our pain, our pleasures,
Our fate, our meaning, our measures, our resolutions
It’s all there in us, around us, it’s abundance surrounds us, lessons in all forms

With fractured memories of centuries past, the spiritual development
Scientific enlightenment and the urgent universal need, for individual freedom
Now is our chance to break free, redeem the free will bestowed upon all of us.

The magic in the universes imbedded within our souls, not some, all
Every man, woman, child, animal, entity, element and sentient
We came from the same place, we came from nowhere and everywhere,

From chaos and serenity, From nothing and something,
From a single cell to everything else, blessed with a self
And to that place we shall return, from being all, to just being.
Life is as much a gift to you as you are to this world.
It’s time to open it… – Wendee Valencia 


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