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Practicality Of Integrity In Magick

The spirituality of esoteric magic and how we can utilize and define
practical magick in our lives. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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Practical Magick

Spirituality of Magick

Creativity if you can create you can manifest. There are no limitations you can do anything. Allow the flow of the Awen to enter. Be excited and inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds you. At any given moment set your thinking free, be inspired. Allow yourself to gather the energy of inspiration, let it flow within you.

Don’t allow disharmony to creep in or disturb your flow of rhythm and dance. Sing your song, dance your dance and your vibrations will be infectious. Keep it simple declutter your life, including your emotions. Have sincerity and clear communications and dealings. Be rewarded with honesty and trust.

Practical Magick

Practicality: The simplicity in practicality lies in making things easy and not to make a small thing into a giant problem. It is always best not to control just allow things to unfold do not have your mind in the future only in the here and now. Keep yourself and your projects down to earth with a workable notion in mind. No room for doubt once these factors are in place.

Honour In Magick

Integrity: Love who you are or becoming love the steps forward you make and love your compassion and empathy. Walk as a lion would proud and strong if this is not your case heal your past so as to become the lion. Define your truth believe it and work with honor and sincerity.

The Magick Self

Magic: Having practicality integrity joy and spontaneity coupled with enthusiasm you’re ready to manifest. Magic is in the air we just have to raise our vibrations and align with it. Unexplained events happen when magic is present. Be prepared for the unexpected. Don’t fall under the deep dark spell of ego, illusions are everywhere. Passion becomes the spellbinder the guide to your spirit, enchantment, and enlightenment. © by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards