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Welcome to Thrive On News spiritual magazine Australia from Psychic Medium Ian Scott. The home of Nature's Oracle Cards. This spiritual website acts as a book of shadows for visitors to learn, grow and discover themselves.

With a esoteric subject sure to interest you. Psychic awareness and meditation, psychic insights and astrology, and more. Thank you for visiting and please, drink of the spiritual waters indulge in love and light and metaphysical magic.

"Thrive On News Metaphysical Library, where one
comes to study the esoteric and magic of spiritual awakening" Ian Scott

You truly are getting a psychic for free here interpretations and all creative work is © by psychic medium Ian Scott. Thrive On News spiritual magazine packed full of spirituality articles, guided meditations, free to download meditation music free oracles, free monthly horoscope and more...


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About The Author, Ian is a Professional Psychic Medium from Australia has over 30 years of experience. Author of Nature's Oracle Cards. Ian's amazing psychic ability and warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian created Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine to share his automatic writing ability. Channelling messages for the general public. Giving a global voice to our spiritual guides. Join him on his quest in sharing enlightenment with the world. A spiritually awakened soul nurtures the earth allowing it to thrive. Read his entire profile >



"A Book Of Shadows
For The Modern Witch or Wizard"


Thrive On News is at the pinnacle of pioneering the path of the online spiritual magazine scene. Ian Scott is the real deal with his raw psychic power and his personal well-being ways…the proof is in the pudding. It is a real privilege being able to connect with his light, and for … Read More

Testimonial Audrey Volt testimonial Audrey volt

Thank you  for being a guiding light in my life. Helping me through my daughter’s cancer and contacting her on the other side after her passing. You don’t know how much this has helped me deal with my grief. Thank you again, you are a truthfully amazing man.  Carl

Testimonial Carl W testimonial

  Thanks for such a great read brilliant magazine. You really have me figured out, don’t you? I will take on board all you have said and love the messages from everyone. Take Care love ya!   Dianna

Testimonial Dianna S testimonial

  Dear Ian, Your spiritual magazine and your perfect prediction and invaluable wise counsel have dragged me into a wonderful reality and given me back my life. With all my love and gratitude. Dianne xo

Testimonial Dianne

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thrive on news spiritual magazine

thrive on news spiritual magazine

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