Psychic Awareness Mandala

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Listen within Mandala
Psychic Development Vision Tool

Psychic Awareness Mandala

Meditate upon the centre of the psychic development Mandala, and the middle of your forehead to open the third eye to receiving messages from your own intuition and beyond. Developed for psychic awareness and development especially useful before you sit down to do a psychic reading.

When the third eye has activated a feeling of warmth and peace will fill your mind’s eye, you will know when this achieved. Vibrating your psychic senses into action. If you experience dizziness or a headache, stop. Try again later, short bursts are best. If you are a beginner in exercising the psychic valve { third eye } slowly is the key. © by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards


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Professional Psychic Medium Ian Scott with over 30 years experience. Ian's amazing psychic ability and warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian created Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine and Nature's Oracle cards to share his automatic writing ability to channel spirit to the general public. Giving a global voice to our spiritual guides. Join him on his quest in sharing enlightenment with the world.
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