Quokka Spirit Animal

quokka spirit animal
Quokka Spiritual Meaning

About The Quokka

The Quokka (Setonix barchyurus) a unique Australian animal, sometimes called the short-tailed wallaby. A domestic cat size animal. The Australian quokka location is Rottnest island (Quokka Island) just off the coast of Perth a short ferry ride from Freemantle. But are also found on parts of the mainland in Western Australia and Bald island. A normally nocturnal animal feeding at night. Mostly on leaves bark and grasses. Quokkas are under threat by prey such as dogs, foxes, humans and wild cats. The Quokka is a pouched animal a macropod like the Australian kangaroo.

Quokka Spiritual Meaning

The word Quokka comes from the aboriginal word kwoka or quak-a. Quokkas live in family groups of around 15 to 100 or more. A quokka joey stays hidden in the mother’s pouch for up to six months. Before eventually opening its eyes to the world. An extremely close relationship is formed during this time. The quokka spirit animal is the nurturer the mother of all things, the feminine energy of love and compassion,

The energy transference of the Quokkas aura is truly amazing. Just being close to the Quokkas energy field allows you to enjoy their spiritual healing. An energy imprint is left behind in your aura even after you leave her presence. The Quokka holds the true healing touch.

Planet: Venus
Energy: Feminine
Element: Water

Quokka Spirit Animal

The Quokka spirit animal teaches us to show and appreciate joy and laughter. A true spiritual healer the Quokka spreads light and love where there previously was none. Guiding one to find the happiness which is embedded in us all. The quokka opens our soul and reflects this directly at us through the quokka smile.

The Quokka spirit totem animal person uplifts a room with flamboyant happiness. Changing the atmosphere instantly to open and friendly. This same magic inspires creativity and stirs our deepest passions. The best cure for loneliness is the warmth and company of others.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards


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    The spirit information provided here about the quokka is the very best I have ever seen this man is definetly channeling spirit. namaste

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    I love this article on the Quokka what an amazing animal. I must visit this beautiful creature and harness his energy,

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      Thank you Tashi I think you will enjoy every minute of Australia and the Quokka!