Raidho Rune Stone Meaning

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Raidho Rune Stone Meaning

Raidho Rune Stone Meaning and spiritual esoteric
influences from the Viking alphabet the Elder Futhark

Raidho Rune Stone Meaning

Runestone meanings Raidho. Connections with the herb mugwort and the oak tree. Raidho rune is effectively a rune of communication, communication with the self. It signifies a journey in which the road will be difficult but the outcome favourable. The journey may either be spiritual or physical, indicating movement in all ways.

Raidho has relations with the wheel, the message here is to keep the wheels turning, no matter how hard the road looks ahead. A reward for your efforts lays at the end of the journey. Achievement of strength and power is the sign of Raidho.

Phonetic: R
God: Tyr
Keywords: Travel, Chariot
Symbolic Meaning: Wagon, Movement
Element: Earth as rock
Health: Below the hip
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Raidho Rune

Inscribe on suitcases and money holder when travelling for protection. Wearing this rune will evoke the strength to carry on, completing a goal or project. Carved into vehicles offers protection of physical harm. © psychic medium Ian Scott – Nature’s Oracle Cards