Reserve Bank Privately Owned And Corrupt

Reserve Banks Of The World

end the federal banking system

Federal Reserve Criminal Banking Cartel

Does anyone ask who owns the reserve bank ?. Why do they have total control ?. Why is everybody listening to them as if their word is gospel ?. The reserve bank and central banks are owned privately world-wide not by the people nor the government FACT not fiction.

Today as the reserve bank makes another announcement to cut interest rates even further to a historical low, this is not only happening in Australia but worldwide. The people who have been lucky enough to save some hard-earned money will now lose their income generated by low-interest rates. Therefore having to dip into their savings losing what valuable gain they have already managed.

On the other hand low-interest rates allows us to buy houses, land and more cars. If you have a mortgage you may think this is a good thing for now. The low-interest rates achieve two things for the élite criminal bankers of the world. It allows them to stop giving out money to those who have it ( interest ) and it plays as a lure to secure more wealth and property once the banks reclaim the properties through raising interest rates through the roof, forcing bad debt.

This game has been going on for a very long time now. It absolutely blows my mind how no one seems to be able to stand up and tell the truth, for half the world already knows these truths.

More countries need to take the stand which Iceland did many years ago. And that is kick the Rothchilds and the banking system out of the country and give the wealth and power back to the people. #End the fed. Thrive On News © Ian Scott


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