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The Earth Mystics Revelation Brings Action

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Earth Mystics Revelation Brings Action

Chapter 3

A new friendship had begun meanwhile everything else was coming undone, the times changing fast without anywhere to run. On a hot and dreary lunch break the trio sat together, inseparable since day one, they pondered, conversed and wished for a peace more suited to kids, they spoke dreamily of a shady place they could play in, climb on and feel at ease with, a gentle place where they felt safe and free. A place with space they could not outgrow, one that would sustain their imaginations long after the sun had faded.

earth mystics revelation

This quickly led to thoughts and fond memories of times long forgotten, of trees once loved and adorned with laughter, of a love now being disconnected and mourned. It was at that moment where Elysha noticed the sadness and like a tidal wave that crashes on the shore, it suddenly hit her, she had been off course, now the path called to her and she became drawn to her dream again, that journey she was so determined to follow “How could I forget, but this is it, this moment is the next step!”

She suddenly exclaimed in a way that was more to herself until she realized the look of confusion upon the faces of her new found friends. Well they had to know, this all happened for a reason, right down to every word in the conversation, it all meant something and there was no turning back now, she had been re-awakened. After explaining the parts of her life up to that point and had some understanding of, Elysha spoke of her dream and the importance of everything thought to be coincidence, random events, chance meetings and all the mystery surrounding her visions, how it was becoming clearer and making more sense.

Without barely taking a breath and no hesitation Elysha initiated her line of questions, she asked, queried, explained and questioned further. She had a need to know, to know she wasn’t crazy, to know her instincts were correct, to know if this was all real but mostly to know that her father wasn’t actually gone that he did live on somewhere and that he came as a visitor, not a dream, that she didn’t make it up and it was really him. Almost pleading for information she asked the boys to trust her and help her, to think of their lives spent in this place and if they remembered or heard of any parks, bushlands, possible prairies or ranges of any form of nature that was not in a pot or vase.

Both boys deep in thought for what seemed like a lifetime to Elysha, then, who most would think was mute by his contented silence uttered two words and though he spoke softly there was a certain clarity and confidence in his voice as he said “Point Kurilpa” , and before Elysha could ask for an elaboration the bell rang, the teachers were ushering the children back into class and in an instant the playground was bare and only they were there. Turning towards the brothers Elysha knew at once that was all she was going to get, and that was far more than she had anticipated, she was exhilarated.

Later that afternoon on their travels back home from school and without her pushing the subject, Troy began speaking of a sacred place that he had not seen since he started his schooling, he told her of the faded memories he held of it, torn tales as he struggled to remember those times he spent indulging in it’s, well it’s love. He couldn’t explain much of the stories except how he felt during it, how alive it all seemed and how it helped fee something beautiful within him. An ancient land once visited and adored by many could not be recalled, what came to be of such a magical place, where did it go, what happened and why was there no one who knew?

earth mystics revelation

With this in mind, the children decided they would investigate it and if it was hiding that they would find it and reveal it to the world. That evening Elysha didn’t spare a single moment, the first chance she got she used to explain every little thing to her attentive mother, without skipping a detail she spilt it all. Silence. For once Elysha thought maybe her mother didn’t understand what she meant, maybe she didn’t believe in her need to seek out this mystical oasis that was somehow hidden in this dry land of grey, covered in black tar and stifled with white noise, maybe her mother had forgotten from whence they came, maybe she had finally lost faith.

Just as Elysha was about to speak her mother burst out into tears, she tried to stop but they kept pouring out so she spoke above her tears, knowing Elysha was confused she wanted to explain to her daughter how touched she was, how weak her very words had left her and how much she reminded her of the soul mate she once had and how proud he would’ve been to see his daughter carry on such an immense spirit so essentially natural and kin to his own. She also explained to the daughter of her great faith and belief in the innocence of children and how such purity must be protected, nourished, trusted and allowed to flourish before the world is left with nothing.

To Elysha’s mother children were the final hope for mankind and with that embedded in her soul and mind she had a tenderness and willingness to aid in the growth and empowerment of what would become the future, she could not deny the task before her and promised Elysha she would do all she could to help her follow her path and fulfill her dream. First, she would need to uncover it’s history, she would have to determine the current existence of this oasis before finding it’s location, all night she thought of this, why? How? Where to begin?

earth mystics revelation

Elysha’s mother tossed and turned with this till the early hours when she was lulled into peaceful dreaming by the sound of a soulful voice, hearing a lullaby her mother had stopped singing to her when she was five, she followed it into another world. Her dream was far more abstract than the one her daughter had, there were no known human forms, no recognizable symbolism, just shapes and shadows, distorting and changing into more strange figures and yet that voice continued it’s song gently in the background, no longer luring her but rather soothing her, before she knew it she had melted into her dream.

Elysha rose with the sun the next morning, she felt different though, stronger, she had some direction, some hope, some love, some help, friends and of course her mother’s blessings and guidance so the journey to find a mystical oasis had truly begun. Then it hit, what would she do when she found it, so concerned with its discovery she hadn’t thought of what was to happen next….. –  © Wendee Valencia

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