Rune Stone Meanings Elder Futhark

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About The Viking Runes

Rune stone meanings. An ancient Anglo-Saxon alphabet in the time of Odin (old Norse od, meaning ‘spirit’), ( over 2000 years old ) similar in intent and purpose to the Celtic alphabet the Ogham.

No one really knows the origins of the runic alphabet nor their meanings, sometimes called Viking runes the elder futhark is still a mystery. Neither alphabet was ever used as a language as such, rather signposts, protective symbols, a form of communication, gravestone markings names and places and magic. Ancient inscriptions used in spells, manifestation and marked jars of secret potions to describe ingredients to other soothsayers. Runes were also inscribed on weapons and tools to provide magical protection.

The meaning of the word rune or Runa translates to secret whisper, the mystery. Through the translation alone tells us why the rune stone meanings were never recorded, knowledge of runes was passed on by word of mouth. The runes themselves is all we are left with, symbols carved on large rune stones found all over Europe. The last of the runemasters can be traced back to Iceland in the 17 Th century.

The elder futhark has fast become a popular divination tool, thanks to movies such as Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings and a string of others. The Germanic Futhark gets its name from its first eight letters, f, u, t, h, a, r, k. The runes have three sets of eight letters (Freyr’s aett. Heimdall’s aett, Tyr’s aett.) totalling 24, you may have heard of a blank rune called Odin invented in the 1980s. This rune is not traditional, it is one author add in, and should not be used in the casting of the runes for divination.

The Ogham Connection

Several of the runes stones still remaining have running around their edge a different alphabet from the runic, but one which still uses short, straight lines. This is the Ogham alphabet.  Just like Odin, Ogma is credited with having invented the Ogham script. This method of writing seems to have begun in Ireland, spreading to Wales, Scotland and parts of southern England.

The Ogham forms a sacred system, as well as hidden coded messages which only people of the order understood. The Ogham glyphs were carved around the edge of a stone in order to immortalize a hero, or carved on trees as posters. It is certain that the Druids used the Ogham letters, and again it is interesting to note that Druid teachings of the time were passed on by word of mouth, like those of the Qabalah and of the runes.

I personally have used both oracles for many years, my heritage and passion for the Ogham has been thriving from a small child. I would play in the dirt with stick drawing lines and patterns, later as an adult, I came to realize I was drawing the old ancient Celtic alphabet.

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Rune Stone Meanings Divination

The balance in life recognized in the yin and yang symbol of Chinese origin is interpreted by the Vikings as fire and ice, opposing forces having the most influence on the planet we live in. Fire – is a destructive force burning and taking. Fire + represents a positive force of energy. And so on with water and ice.

Casting The Rune Stones

There are several different ways to cast runes, the most popular is to draw a single rune from a bag. After working with the runes for over thirty years trying many different tarot spreads and casting methods. I find drawing a singular rune to be the most accurate after all the rune stones are an Oracle leading us to make right and correct decisions to bring about a positive rewarding future.

Rune Invocation

Accept and love all which is inside of yourself
Work with your darkness
Celebrate your light
And allow all others the same privilege. 

Place your hand in the bag full of runes move your fingers and hand about until you feel a rune fall into your hand it should require no clasping or grabbing. Some magi and runemasters read a reversed meaning to the runes depending on which way it is placed after drawing. And some don’t, I fall into the some don’t. I feel a rune falling into one’s hand the magic, not in the way we place it on a table, therefore I don’t read a reversed meaning to the runes. However, if you prefer to read a reversed meaning, remember it is not the opposite of its meaning. A reversed meaning is usually the negative of its meaning. not the polar opposite.

If you’re wanting a more comprehensive answer to a more complicated question. Lay a cloth out on a table shake the runes in your cupped hands and throw them onto the cloth. The runes which fall glyph upwards are the ones you read, start with the closest one to you and so forth.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

Freyr’s Aett (8) Rune Meanings


Fehu Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Fehu. Connected to the cat and elder tree. Fehu rune is a good omen, one of fruitfulness, success, passion, and luck. Fehu is based on teamwork a collaboration of people working towards a single goal. In which, you play an important part in its success. A sharing quality inhabits the rune of Fehu a flowing energy to pass it on, keeping the wealth and abundance moving through the people, group or herd (cattle) as in this case. New life, born from the ashes with the power of feminine magick.



Phonetic: F
God: Freya – fertility, peace
Keywords: Reward, Wealth, Nourishment
Symbolic Meaning: Cattle
Health: Chest and Lungs
Element: Fire +
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of The Rune Fehu

Fehu is known for its psychic energy, a meditation on the glyph will open the third eye. Inscribe on your letterbox, tree out the front or cattle fence for protection and luck announcements to come through the mail. Inscribe the glyph on a gold candle, burn often near your front door to invite abundance and wealth energy to enter the home.


Uruz Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Uruz. Connected to the birch tree and great strength, Uruz asks where do our strengths lie. What weaknesses do we need to work on to turn them into strengths? Physical energy comes from the fuel we place into our bodies. The rune Uruz explores our energy levels and our thoughts on our everyday tasks.

If we suffer a lack of energy although our diet is good we need to look spiritually. Do our thoughts contain excitement and joy when we think of the day’s tasks? If no finding physical energy is no easy task. This lore of Uruz lies in all areas of life, relationships, work, hobbies and friends if what we are doing does not ignite the soul, depression and a lack of energy sets in. The rune of self-guidance.

Phonetic: U
God: Odin, Thor
Keywords: Strength, Courage, Energy
Symbolic Meaning: Wild Ox
Health: Muscles, Heart
Element: Moving water
Polarity: Masculine

Uruz is a healing rune and is associated with healing, sometimes to heal we need to disturb the locked the door we have imprisoned our grief in. Uruz gives us the strength to accomplish such a feat. Believing we have limits is not a Uruz quality.

Magical Uses Of The Rune Uruz

Marking the glyph on sports equipment for strength and power such as a cricket bat or your soccer boots. Scribe the glyph on the wooden spoon you use to create concoctions in the kitchen. This empowers the food and adds a healing element to the dish.


Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Thurisaz. Connected to the snake and the blackthorn tree. The rune Thurisaz brings forth situations and circumstances in which we see the demons inside. The things we know about ourselves and most likely do not like, but continue to ignore or store away for another day to deal with. Within the fire of Thurisaz, you are asked to cleanse yourself of that which is negative or evil in your personality and life.

A spiritual state of awakening sometimes occurs through this process Thurisaz offers. If we are willing to look at ourselves and our actions and ask the big questions like is it me contributing to the evils. Therefore holding them in my life. Thurisaz offers a final chance to repair and take another path, if you don’t, expect the negative fire and drama to overwhelm you.

Phonetic: th
God: Thor god of thunder
Keywords: Temptation, Evil forces at play
Symbolic Meaning: Giant Thorn
Element: Fire –
Health: Blood, Heart
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of The Rune Thurisaz

Thurisaz inscribed on tools of Wicca handcrafts, drawing and painting, clears them of being used or enchanted by mischievous ghosts. Scribe onto candles to clear negativity or path from obstacles. Concentrate on the path you wish to clear, use a white candle along with meditation

runeAnsuz Rune Meaning

Ansuz rune is closely associated with the metaphysical god Odin. Sometimes called “the god rune” has connections with the Ash tree, Wolf, and Raven or Crow. Ansuz symbolizes awakening spiritually asking the questions like why am I here, what is this life about. Ansuz rune often arises when times are difficult, asking you to explore your inner self and the problematic situation in which you find yourself in.

All and everything which happens is a chance to understand the universe we live in. Look within, ask yourself am I being self-centered and acting as I am a god. Or do I view myself as a part of the whole, the collective consciousness, finding the need to comfort and take care of all living things?


Phonetic: A
God: Odin God of Gods and Loki
Keywords: Knowledge, Tree of life
Symbolic Meaning: Wisdom, Fate
Element: Air
Health: Mouth
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of The Rune Ansuz

Odin was said to be a shapeshifter transforming into animals and spirits at will. A great shaman, a god, of course, this is from the viewpoint of others but not Odin himself. Ansuz rune keeps us grounded in knowledge and wisdom, understanding how the future comes to be. Inscribe Ansuz on books and writing journals on computers to enhance channelling and evocation of spirit

runesRaidho Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Raidho. Connections with the herb mugwort and the oak tree. Raidho rune is effectively a rune of communication, communication with the self. It signifies a journey in which the road will be difficult but the outcome favourable. The journey may either be spiritual or physical, indicating movement in all ways.

Raidho has relations with the wheel, the message here is to keep the wheels turning, no matter how hard the road looks ahead. A reward for your efforts lays at the end of the journey. Achievement of strength and power is the sign of Raidho.



Phonetic: R
God: Tyr
Keywords: Travel, Chariot
Symbolic Meaning: Wagon, Movement
Element: Earth as rock
Health: Below the hip
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Raidho Rune

Inscribe on suitcases and money holder when travelling for protection. Wearing this rune will evoke the strength to carry on, completing a goal or project. Carved into vehicles offers protection of the physical harm

rune meaningsKenaz Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Kenaz. Connections with the pine tree and the owl totem. Kenaz the rune of mystery, positive or negative influence and faith. Kenaz helps with and teaches manifestation. Reminding us, first is the thought, the idea, next is the creativity and energy gathering, next is the action, the doing, implementing your thoughts and ideas.

Finally, the release the let it go moment, the time when you let your initial thoughts and ideas about an entire project go out into the universe. Keeping a small flame alight and alive for long periods of time requires a balance of time, skill, and perseverance. The rewards a are great, though, eternal light.


Phonetic: C
God: Freya, Heimdall
Keywords: Acceptance, Change
Symbolic Meaning: Fire, torch-light
Element: Air as wind
Health: Fever, colds, ulcers, sores
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Kenaz Rune

Kenaz carved onto garden stakes which hold our food for growing conjures the energy of longevity and life in motion. Carved into gathering notices, invites and event posters will help build loyal crowds

rune meaningGebo Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Gebo. Often called the love rune, due to its symbolic gesture of the kiss. Gebo rune is about relationships of all kinds, the power of the partnership and the binding of an agreement.

A promise set and said with prompts of loyalty and justice behind it. Marks a situation where morals and honesty win on the path to success.




Phonetic: G
God: Odin, Freya, Gefn
Keywords: Generosity, Regeneration
Symbolic Meaning: Gifts, Love, Relationships
Element: Earth as soil
Health: Blood, Immune system
Polarity: Masculine & Feminine

Magical Uses Of Gebo Rune

Binding rune scribed into rings and jewellery as gifts of a promise of marriage. Carve into red candles to provoke relationships if you happen to be single. Gebo is especially powerful used as a talisman or amulet for guiding the right person into your life

rune meaningWunjo Rune Meaning

Connections with the ash tree, flax and the power of wind. Wunjo speaks of inner peace, joy and contentment gathered from the experience knowing thoughts and perspective allow us to be free and happy and feel wealthy.

Indicating good fortune Wunjo is a celebration rune one of accomplishment and foretelling of prosperous future. What you’ve been asking for to come your way is finally here. A time when positive healthy thoughts and vibrations bring fun happy experiences into the light of being.



Phonetic: W – V
God: Frigg
Keywords: Finding harmony, Positive outcomes
Symbolic Meaning: Peace, Joy
Element: Earth as mountain
Health: Breathe, Respiratory
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Wunjo Rune

Carve onto fishing boats rods and tools to harvest a good catch. Scribe into farming tools and garden pots assuring safe healthy food. Wunjo is the perfect greeting rune to symbolize a celebration, a party, a time when all feels beautiful

Heimdall’s Aett (8) Rune Meanings

rune meaningHagalaz Rune Meaning

Rune stone meanings Hagalaz. Connections with the hawthorn tree and yew tree. Hagalaz deals with bad habits or recurring patterns of self-damaging behaviour. Hagalaz brings a light to the dark corners of ourselves, the things we put away and not let out or others see. Surfacing it allows for healing and understanding and eventually enlightenment.

If not surfaced acknowledged and dealt with it will lead to ill-health and sickness. On the other hand, breaking a self-destructive pattern in your life frees us from sickness leading to spiritual health.



Phonetic: H – Hail
God: Heimdall Ice Guardian
Keywords: Hail
Symbolic Meaning: Forces of nature
Element: Spirit or Metal 5th element
Health: Superficial wounds
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Hagalaz Rune

Carved into candles and smudging bowls adds to the power to clear and cleanse. Making tea with the rune Hagalaz carved into your teapot and teacup, enlightens your potion with detoxifying effects, to clean out the poison

rune meaningNauthiz Rune Meaning

Connections with the beech tree and snakeroot plant. Nauthiz is about grasping opportunities, seizing the moment, reaching for what you’re wanting. Not all times are good and lively sometimes we find ourselves held back for whatever reasons, Nauthiz reminds us even in adversity the future shows itself.

Staying open-eyed and alert will help you see the flickers of opportunity. If you take a risk and an adventurous life and water to the desert return.




Phonetic: N – Need
God: Skuld
Keywords: Setbacks and delays
Symbolic Meaning: Need
Element: Earth as desert
Health: Arms and hands
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Nauthiz Rune

Use in manifestation spells to bring the energy of abundance and fulfilment. Carve Nauthiz together with Raidho to conjure safe wealth and harmony of finances

rune meaningIsa Rune Meaning

Connections with the alder tree and the herb henbane. Isa deals in a standstill of time and activity, this does not mean stagnation though. Isa brings forth time for healing and spiritual absorption. Isa appears when a consciousness shift has taken place, an awakening as such.

It’s a sign of knowing your self just that much better, making wiser decisions. There is delay present but a needed one, a time to regather strength to come back at a later date. Stronger and able to cope with success.



 Phonetic: I – Ice
God: Verdandi, Skadi
Keywords: Patience
Symbolic Meaning: Lack of change
Element: Water frozen
Health: Numbness
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Isa Rune

Isa is useful in meditation to make the right decisions to find the most rewarding path. Concentrate on the glyph as you would a flame meditation, allow the rune to speak to you

rune meaningJera Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Jera. Connections with the crow, rosemary herb, and the oak tree. Jera holds the energies of fertility and fruition. A task completed with positive results. Jera also signifies the opposite, new beginnings, new doors to open. The end of the road and the beginning of another.

The rune Jera prompts stability and longevity bringing excitement and movement. Jera concerns itself with wise choices, research develops and contemplates before any decisions are made. In this way, you reach the wisest decisions with the most prosperous outcomes. Often shows around a new job, house an or business proposal. A crossroads, significant turning point in one’s life.



 Phonetic: J or Y
God: Freyr
Keywords: Choices, Paths and directions
Symbolic Meaning: Prosperous year of harvest
Element: Earth as in rich soil
Health: Digestive system
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Jera Rune

Carve into the bedhead to help one with problems of becoming pregnant. Engraved on the inside of a relationship, engagement ring ensures pleasure and fertility in marriage

rune meaningEihwaz Rune Meaning

RRunestonemeanings Eihwaz. Connections with the Yew tree and horse totem. Eihwaz the 13th rune embodies a little protection magic against physical, emotional and spiritual harm. The yew tree was the chosen wood to craft a bow from as it was agile and strong. Eihwaz rune speaks the message of self-confidence entering a new project or line of work.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, learn to utilize both in laying the foundations for a new venture or business project. The beginning of something anything is the most important phase of creation. The thoughts we have allowed our imaginations to ponder new and exciting ways to do things. Eihwaz brings this energy to the forefront of our thinking.



 Phonetic: E – Yew tree
God: Odin, Ullr the hunter
Keywords: Strength, reliability, trust
Symbolic Meaning: Archers bow
Element: Earth – wood
Health: Eyes
Polarity: Masculine And Feminine

Magical Uses Of Eihwaz Rune

Eihwaz has binding abilities, as the setting in stone of a new project with Eihwaz providing positive strength and longevity. Scribe Eilwaz at the top right of house plans to ensure a solid foundation. Carve into the wood used in the building process binding the structure together against wild storms

rune meaningPerth Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Perth. Connections with the Aspen and Elm trees and has a direct link to the Ogham letter peith guelder rose. Perth holds the hidden secrets, the mysteries and the power of earth magic. Perth rune appears when a secret is happening before you, something that was previously hidden is now revealed to you.

Perth augers a spiritual advancement of sorts unveiling a rich intuition with which to work with. Perth often appears in times of doubt reminding you, intuition the feminine side of us all has a strong inner knowing. The message is we need to listen and to trust our gut feeling or intuition.



 Phonetic: P -Pot or Cup
God: Frigg
Keywords: Mystery, Astral world
Symbolic Meaning: Magical intervention
Element: Water
Health: Sexuality, Birth
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Perth Rune

Carve into lamps which lay beside the bed conjuring pleasant and prophetic dreaming. Meditate upon to enrich one’s knowledge of another, used to create a psychic pathway to another person

rune meaningAlgiz Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Algiz. Connections with the elk totem and the lime tree. Algiz is the rune of protection and healing, unlocking our pain and submitting it to the universe so it comes back to us cleansed, content and refreshed. Algiz is a symbol of nobility, power, and strength often carved onto warriors shields for this reason.

Algiz rune represents good luck for an upcoming little dangerous risk take. The rune brings in positive protection energy asking you to go for it, that venture you had in mind is begging to be started. Family and friends will be a strong force in helping you to achieve your goals in the future. In the elk family, all protect one another always.



 Phonetic: E – Elk
God: Heimdall
Keywords: Shield, guardian
Symbolic Meaning: Protection
Element: Earth leaves and twigs
Health: Anxiety, depression mental health
Polarity: Masculine and Feminine

Magical Uses Of Algiz Rune

Carving Algiz into hard hats and bike helmets will ensure magical protection from danger. Meditation upon this rune will bring personal and psychic development. Opening the third eye is this runes power, leading to spiritual growth.

rune meaningSowilo Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Sowilo. Connections with the sun the eagle and Juniper trees. Sowilo is the rune marked on Harry Potters head from Voldemort. Good health and quality of life are suggested by this rune. A rune of magical power bringing new life and new energies. Sowilo is the perfect soil in which to grow strong healthy seedlings.

Sowilo asks us to move on our dreams take little steps to bringing them into reality. Let the sun shine in on your ideas and enthusiasm. Like the bolt of lightning, it suggests movement and progression will happen quickly when this rune is drawn. A powerful rune sowilo with suggestions of psychic intent.



 Phonetic: S – Sun
God: Baldur
Keywords: Success, gratitude, life force health
Symbolic Meaning: Sun light of truth
Element: Air
Health: Skin
Polarity: Male

Magical Uses Of Sowilo Rune

Carved onto bowls and spoons tuns any elixir of magic potion. Place on the outside of the house above the front door for supernatural protection. Use on silver candles to evoke the energy of new life, breathing life into an empty or dead vessel

Tyr’s Aett (8) Rune Meanings

rune meaningTiwaz Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Tiwaz. Connections with the hazel and oak trees. Hold your spear high and rejoice in your victory. Tiwaz often called the spiritual warrior rune for the formidable energy it carries. Symbolic of the arrow Tiwaz stands for honour within victory, high morals of the spiritual warrior.

Tiwaz also represents extreme love as portrayed in Romeo and Juliet. Marking a soul mate or twin flame connection. This rune embodies the power of the fight with right justice prevailing in the end. Hard work and diligence is needed but with the great reward of success. Tiwaz often appears in legal matters or where a situation has gone to court.



 Phonetic: T
God: Tyr
Keywords: Hail
Symbolic Meaning: Victory
Element: Fire – Inferno
Health: Hands and Limbs
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Tiwaz Rune

Tiwaz rune is the great protector the strength of the gods, scribe onto legal documents striking the favour in your direction. As an amulet, Tiwaz repels negative energies and protects the aura from intrusion

rune meaningBerkana Rune Meaning

Rune stone meanings Berkana. Connections with the bear totem and strongly associated with the birch tree the Ogham glyph Beth. Suggested within this runes energy lies the intuition and the moon goddess. Berkana the rune of spirituality finding inner peace, wholeness and personal growth.

Berkana rune indicates new fresh beginnings, excitement about your future. Drawing this rune asks you to prepare and imagine your near future. Allowing the universe to answer you with those prayers. Have open positive eyes to the changes coming, know within these are for your best interests. A happier more successful time ahead.



 Phonetic: B – Birch
God: Birch Goddess, Nerthus
Keywords: New Beginnings
Symbolic Meaning: Twig or branch
Element: Earth – seedlings
Health: Fertility, Birth
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Berkana Rune

Berkana is sometimes used as a fertility symbol to encourage pregnancy and healthy children. Carved onto bassinets and babies beds, Berkana keeps them safe and well

rune meaningEhwaz Rune Meaning

Rune stone meanings Elwaz. Connections with the horse totem and the apple tree. Harmony is the essence of Ehwaz the rider and horse feeling each other on a spiritual level. Creating perfection and enlightenment within the ride. Ehwaz, for this reason, brings with it the energy of speedy movement, a collective of things occurring relatively at the time.

Making life around you exciting with an expectation of a bright future ahead. Symbolising loyalty and friendship Ehwaz suggests partnerships have quite a big influence. This rune also warns of finding trustworthy people to deal with.



 Phonetic: E
God: Freya
Keywords: Movement, horse, speed
Symbolic Meaning: Horse
Element: Earths creatures
Health: Back and Neck
Polarity: Feminine & Masculine

Magical Uses Of Ehwaz Rune

As a talisman Ehwaz boosts communication skills, with an outward energy toward the person you’re talking to. Aiding in a more rewarding conversation or business deal

rune meaningMannaz Rune Meaning

Connections with the hawk totem and maple and holly trees. Gather around the holly grove for a celebration of family and friends. Mannaz is the rune of unity, a time when we need to reconnect and love those we thought we could not.

Mannaz asks you to see yourself as others do, place yourself in the eyes of a stranger looking at you. What do you see? This rune deals with correct behaviour and self-satisfaction with personal growth. Our friends and family become the best mirrors of ourselves. If we don’t like something about somebody or what they said we truly need to look inside as to why this bothers us. Understanding ourselves and others lead to unity.


 Phonetic: M – Mahn – Man
God: Odin, Frigg, Heimdall
Keywords: Man, Unoin, togetherness
Symbolic Meaning: Humankind
Element: Air – oxygen
Health: Ankles, Feet, Toes
Polarity: Masculine & Feminine

Magical Uses Of Mannaz Rune

As a sending rune Mannaz is useful in strengthening our thoughts for sending telepathic messages to distant people and places. Scribe Mannaz on a yellow candle and send your thoughts their way with meditation

rune meaningLaguz Rune Meaning

Connections with the moon, dolphin and the willow tree. Laguz the emotional water rune, keeper of psychic energy. Laguz represents the sea the ocean, rivers, lakes, and creeks. Water has the power of healing and regeneration, drink clear silica water to enhance your bodies intake of water.

A powerful rune just like water, bringing forth psychic energy, strengthened intuition with a boost of decision-making skills. Finding inner peace through spirituality is this runes strength, helping one to achieve balance emotionally and physically. Laguz often appears when health is a concern, drawing this rune asks you to understand your bodies needs against wants.



 Phonetic: L
God: Njord
Keywords: Moon. tides, sea
Symbolic Meaning: Ocean – gentle
Element: Water
Health: Kidneys
Polarity: Feminine

Magical Uses Of Laguz Rune

Meditate upon this rune to enhance esoteric understanding and spiritual knowledge. Laguz rune opens the third eye, the perfect rune to hold in front of you before you begin to read the runes

rune meaningInguz Rune Meaning

Runestone meanings Inguz. Connections with the wild boar. Inguz deals with finding peace within decisions made directing your future. Having the abilities of creativity and energy gathering, Inguz lights a flame where previously there wasn’t one. Living with spontaneity at the heart of your movements at this time will be beneficial.

Freedom from self-restricting burdens, the only limits you have are the ones you place on yourself. Inguz energy is about growth and watering seed over time bringing healthy plants and a strong harvest. Aligning with the moon influences tunes us into the cosmic flow of energy that surrounds our planet. Stay within the natural flow, don’t fight change.



 Phonetic: NG – Ing
God: Ing – Fertility
Keywords: Both light and dark
Symbolic Meaning: Action
Element: Fire
Health: Sexual organs
Polarity: Masculine and Feminine

Magical Uses Of Inguz Rune

A fortuitous rune spelling the energy of fire and lust, carve into bed heads for some powerful adult fun. Inguz drawn next to names and places within written manifestation spells give them the power of life

rune meaningDagaz Rune Meaning

Rune stone meanings Dagaz. Connections with the rowan tree, spruce tree, the herb sage, Ogham character Duir and the word day. The sun shines its light through trees for the first time in the morning. Dagaz rune asks us to awaken to the light of inspiration around us, time to get creative and explore different parts of yourself.

Provide mental nourishment to your thoughts with manifestation in mind. The new dawn is here for you to start something new. A transformation takes place inside, a fresh zest for projects left behind come to the surface. With a willingness to succeed and achieve the finish of a project.



 Phonetic: D
God: Heimdall Guardian of Asgard
Keywords: To take a step forward
Symbolic Meaning: Awakening
Element: Fire – Sun
Health: Fear, Nerves, Mental Health
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Dagaz Rune

Used as a protection amulet rune Dagaz warns away evil and clears the aura. Scribe Dagaz into invites for a positive party outcome. Draw onto legal documents about selling or buying a house to retrieve a quick sale.

rune meaningOthila Rune Meaning

Rune stone meanings Othila. Connections with clover and ground cover plants. Othila rune brings the belief that if we do the right thing by others, others will do the right thing by us. Signifying the home Othila asks for a peaceful almost meditative house to come home to. Aiding in gathering peaceful energy with which to work.

Breathing in the power of our ancestors we intuitively guide ourselves toward what we know. The ghosts of family past wish you to know them.



 Phonetic: O
God: Odin
Keywords: Security and protection
Symbolic Meaning: Ownership and possesions
Element: Spirit
Health: Genes, DNA
Polarity: Masculine

Magical Uses Of Othila

Used with Dagaz Othila drawn onto property paperwork and legal documents will ensure it’s a successful quick positive sale. Othila carved near your front door either in a plant pot or the house itself, gathers protection energy.  © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

The runes you see here are handcrafted and hand painted by the author of this post psychic medium Ian Scott. See his art and the rune stones here > 


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