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Rune Stone Meanings Elder Futhark

Rune stone meanings. Complete Viking rune alphabet reference guide
plus free oracle reading using the runes and psychic interpretations.

rune stone meanings

About The Viking Runes

Rune stone meanings. An ancient Anglo-Saxon alphabet in the time of Odin (old Norse od, meaning ‘spirit’), ( over 2000 years old ) similar in intent and purpose to the Celtic alphabet the Ogham.

No one really knows the origins of the runic alphabet nor their meanings, sometimes called Viking runes the elder futhark is still a mystery. Neither alphabet was ever used as a language as such, rather signposts, protective symbols, a form of communication, gravestone markings names and places, and magic. Ancient inscriptions used in spells, manifestation and marked jars of secret potions to describe ingredients to other soothsayers. Runes were also inscribed on weapons and tools to provide magical protection.

The meaning of the word rune or Runa translates to a secret whisper, the mystery. Through the translation alone tells us why the rune stone meanings were never recorded, knowledge of runes was passed on by word of mouth. The runes themselves are all we are left with, symbols carved on large rune stones found all over Europe. The last of the runemasters can be traced back to Iceland in the 17 Th century.

The elder futhark has fast become a popular divination tool, thanks to movies such as Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, and a string of others. The Germanic Futhark gets its name from its first eight letters, f, u, t, h, a, r, k. The runes have three sets of eight letters (Freyr’s aett. Heimdall’s aett, Tyr’s aett.) totaling 24, you may have heard of a blank rune called Odin invented in the 1980s. This rune is not traditional, it is one author add-in, and should not be used in the casting of the runes for divination.

The Ogham Connection

Several of the runes stones still remaining have running around their edge a different alphabet from the runic, but one which still uses short, straight lines. This is the Ogham alphabet.  Just like Odin, Ogma is credited with having invented the Ogham script. This method of writing seems to have begun in Ireland, spreading to Wales, Scotland, and parts of southern England.

The Ogham forms a sacred system, as well as hidden coded messages which only people of the order understood. The Ogham glyphs were carved around the edge of a stone in order to immortalize a hero, or carved on trees as posters. It is certain that the Druids used the Ogham letters, and again it is interesting to note that Druid teachings of the time were passed on by word of mouth, like those of the Qabalah and of the runes.

I personally have used both oracles for many years, my heritage and passion for the Ogham has been thriving from a small child. I would play in the dirt with stick drawing lines and patterns, later as an adult, I came to realize I was drawing the old ancient Celtic alphabet.

Free Online Rune Stone Oracle

Shuffle cards using the button below rune oracle card deck. Hit flip and your three rune oracle card spread are revealed. Research the meaning of the runestone using the index below. Close your eyes take a deep breath and take a little time to tune in before you hit flip card.




To read more extensively about each rune stone individually click on the links below.

How To Of Casting The Rune Stones

There are several different ways to cast runes, the most popular is to draw a single rune from a bag. After working with the runes for over thirty years trying many different tarot spreads and casting methods. I find drawing a singular rune to be the most accurate after all the rune stones are an Oracle leading us to make right and correct decisions to bring about a positive rewarding future.

Rune Invocation

Accept and love all which is inside of yourself
Work with your darkness
Celebrate your light
And allow all others the same privilege. 

Place your hand in the bag full of runes move your fingers and hand about until you feel a rune fall into your hand it should require no clasping or grabbing. Some magi and runemasters read a reversed meaning to the runes depending on which way it is placed after drawing. And some don’t, I fall into the some don’t. I feel a rune falling into one’s hand the magic, not in the way we place it on a table, therefore I don’t read a reversed meaning to the runes. However, if you prefer to read a reversed meaning, remember it is not the opposite of its meaning. A reversed meaning is usually the negative of its meaning. not the polar opposite.

If you’re wanting a more comprehensive answer to a more complicated question. Lay a cloth out on a table shake the runes in your cupped hands and throw them onto the cloth. The runes which fall glyph upwards are the ones you read, start with the closest one to you, and so forth.  © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Rune Stone Meanings Divination

The balance in life recognized in the yin and yang symbol of Chinese origin is interpreted by the Vikings as fire and ice, opposing forces having the most influence on the planet we live in. Fire – is a destructive force burning and taking. Fire + represents a positive force of energy. And so on with water and ice. To read more extensively about each rune stone individually click on the links below.

othila rune stone meaning

Othila Rune Stone

Othila Rune Stone Meaning. The ghosts of family past wish you to know them. A true protection rune capable and powerful enough for an entire family.  Read More

dagaz rune stone meaningDagaz Rune Stone

Dagaz Rune Stone Meaning Provide mental nourishment to your thoughts with manifestation in mind. The new dawn is here for you to start something new. Read More

inguz rune stone meaningInguz Rune Stone

Inguz Rune Stone Meaning. Inguz energy is about growth and watering seed over time bringing healthy plants and a strong harvest. Read More

laguz rune stone meaningLaguz Rune Stone

Connections with the moon, dolphin, and the willow tree. Laguz the emotional water rune, keeper of psychic energy. Laguz represents … Read More

mannaz rune stone meaningMannaz Rune Stone

Mannaz Rune Stone Meaning asks you to see yourself as others do, place yourself in the eyes of a stranger looking at you. What do you see? Read More

ehwaz rune stone meaningEhwaz Rune Stone

Ehwaz Rune Stone Meaning Creating perfection and enlightenment within the ride. Ehwaz, for this reason, brings with it the energy of speedy movement. Read More

sowilo rune stone meaningSowilo Rune Stone

Sowilo Rune Stone Meaning Good health and quality of life are suggested by this rune. A rune of magical power bringing new life and new energies. Read More

berkana rune stone meaningBerkana Rune Stone

Berkana Rune Stone Meaning indicates new fresh beginnings, excitement about your future. Drawing this rune asks you to prepare and imagine your near future. Read More

tewaz rune stone meaningTewaz Rune Stone

Connections with the hazel and oak trees. Hold your spear high and rejoice in your victory. Tiwaz often called the spiritual warrior … Read More

algiz rune stone meaningAlgiz Rune Stone

Algiz Rune Stone Meaning represents good luck for an upcoming little dangerous risk take. The rune brings in positive protection energy. Read More

perth rune stone meaningPerth Rune Stone

Connections with the Aspen and Elm trees and has a direct link to the Ogham letter Perth guelder rose. Perth holds the hidden secrets, the mysteries, and the power of earth magic. … Read More

eihwaz rune stone meaningEihwaz Rune Stone

Connections with the Yew tree and horse totem. Eihwaz the 13th rune embodies a little protection magic against physical, emotional, and spiritual harm.  … Read More

jera stone meaningJera Rune Stone

Jera Rune Stone Meaning concerns itself with wise choices, the research develops and contemplates before any decisions are made. Read More

isa rune stone meaningIsa Rune Stone

Isa deals in a standstill of time and activity, this does not mean stagnation though. Isa brings forth time for healing and spiritual absorption … Read More

nauthiz rune stone meaningNauthiz Rune Stone

Nauthiz Rune Stone Meaning Nauthiz is about grasping opportunities, seizing the moment, reaching for what you’re wanting. … Read More

hagalaz rune stone meaningHagalaz Rune Stone

Hagalaz Rune Stone Meaning brings light to the dark corners of ourselves, the things we put away and not let out or others see. … Read More

wunjo rune stone meaningWunjo Rune Stone

Wunjo Rune Stone Meaning Indicating good fortune and celebration a marked occasion one of accomplishment and foretelling of a prosperous future. … Read More

gebo rune stone meaningGebo Rune Stone

Gebo Rune Stone Meaning Often called the love rune, due to its symbolic gesture of the kiss. Gebo rune is about relationships of all kinds. … Read More

kenaz rune stone meaningKenaz Rune Stone

Kenaz Rune Stone Meaning magic, mystery, positive or negative influence, and faith. Kenaz helps with and teaches manifestation. … Read More

raidho rune meaningRaidho Rune Stone

Raidho Rune Stone Meaning signifies a spiritual and personal journey in which the road will be difficult but the outcome favorable.  … Read More

ansuz rune stone meaningAnsuz Rune Stone

Ansuz Rune Stone Meaning often arises when times are difficult, asking you to explore your inner self and the problematic situation you find yourself in. … Read More

thurisaz rune stone meaningThurisaz Rune Stone

Thurisaz Rune Stone Meaning offers a final chance to repair and take another path, if you don’t, expect the negative fire and drama to overwhelm you. … Read More

uruz rune stone meaningUruz Rune Stone

Uruz rune stone meaning is associated with healing, sometimes to heal we need to disturb the locked the door we have imprisoned our grief in.  … Read More

fehu rune stone meaningFehu Rune Stone

Fehu rune stone meaning is a good omen one of fruitfulness, success, passion, and luck. Fehu is based on teamwork and trust. … Read More

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