Learn How To See Auras

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seeing aura colors
How to see auras and energy fields

Aura definition

What is the aura? We’re made up of three definable parts, the mind (our processor), body (our case or vehicle) and our soul. Our soul is our hard drive containing all there is about us, our own snowflake, our own unique identity, separate, personal yet infused with the universe at a whole. The aura is literally our internal light emanating from our soul through the body encasing our entire being. Because our aura energy passes through the body the aura energy collects all our earthly energies, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Displayed in color for all who are able to see the aura. The colors of the aura vary according to the health and state of being of any living thing. For example, a plant which is starved of water and dying will most likely have a dark brown to a black aura, and a golden-yellow color shows signs of good health and contentment. All living things have a spirit or soul, plants, trees and animals, therefore all things living things have an aura energy.

Seeing auras around the body generally comes to everybody at least once or twice in a life time. I believe we may all have the ability to see auras if we allow ourselves to trust in the knowledge that we as humans are capable of amazing yet untapped super consciousness. Here are a few ways to learn to see the aura. A true spiritual gift.

Aura Colours Spiritual Meaning

How to see auras exercises

How to see the aura of a person, find a friend to share this exercise with, seeing auras is easier against a white wall or background, find a suitable place. Sit comfortably facing each other about two meters apart. Shift your focus to an area on the wall, roughly 20 cm from the head of your friend, try not to concentrate too intensely, just look calmly with a meditative approach. For a good few minutes keep up your focus occasionally closing the eyes for brief moments.

Seeing the auras colors at first, you may only receive glimpses of color but this is a good start. Over time longer viewings of the auras colors are possible. The most common colors to see first is blue and red. Blue being the aura color of learning and mind activity and red being the color of passion and concentration among many other things. see aura color meanings.

Seeing the aura of your pets, taking the dog for a morning walk is a great way to practice seeing auras. As you’re walking with your dog focus your attention at a space around 20 cm above the dogs front shoulders, occasionally looking away and then back. Some people find seeing auras easier on animals, give it a try.

How to see a tree’s aura, focus on a point 20 cm to the left or right of the plant or tree, around half way up. Early in the morning or just as the sun goes down is the clearest time to see the auras colors. Some people see aura colors on the opposite side to where they are focusing. This is fine, keep up the focus on the other side if this happens. © by psychic medium Ian Scott 



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