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10 Sayings Of A Selfish Man

selfish man
10 sayings of a selfish man

The Selfish Man Generation

Be nice to me, so I can take advantage of you.


I don’t care if I’m not in a hurry, I’ll drive fast and furious, get out of my way.


I’ll say hello if I have to, but I don’t care how you are.


I don’t want to hear about the children starving because my fridge is full.


The sun only rises because of me.


You can talk to me but I’m not really listening.


My beliefs are the only ones everyone should follow.


Stop talking so you can listen to me.


No home lost your family that’s alright, I can look the other way, my homes beautiful.


Animals dying oh well, it’s survival of the strong in this world.


© from psychic medium Ian Scott – Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

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