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Septarian Meaning

septarian meaning
Septarian Crystal

Often called a dragon stone the Septarian Meaning is a powerful
metaphysical stone for healing and communication with the spirit world.

Septarian Meaning

Septarian stone concretions or septarian nodules are cracks with angular cavities and or cracks, called “septaria”. From the Latin word septum; “partition”, and refers to the cracks and separations in the stone. A grounding stone, which reminds you of home, a healing stone.

Although the physical crystal itself has cracks and crevices and separations. Her spiritual meaning is the opposite, she has unity powers. Able to reconnect loved ones who have fallen away to connecting us with long lost friendships. As much a stone of love, as a protection and healing crystal.

A grounding stone, which reminds you of home, a healing stone.
Through the dragons eye, all is seen foreseeing the future with ease.

Septarian Metaphysical Uses

A shamans tool to re-tune back into the vibrations of the earth after a long time spent in the astral world. Septarian is an ancient stone (50 to 70 million years old) who has lived through many of our lifetimes. Turn to her when you’re feeling lost or separated from the source of light.

Through the dragons eye, all is seen foreseeing the future with ease. Septarian activates the base chakra connecting and setting in motion all seven chakras releasing the serpent or snake (kundalini). Placed on the third eye and meditated upon one may direct their visions to where they wish.

The septarian crystal is also known for banishing nightmares and defending against psychic attacks. Worn around the neck this stone will act as a protection stone. Used in conjunction with passive energy this stone will become the healer.

Magickal Uses

A triad of stones bought together gives them a 10 fold power. The Septarian the fire agate and the dragon blood jasper. These three stones know each other and work together well. Known as the Serpents triangle, with Septarian on the top, fire agate to the left and dragon blood jasper to the right. This formation or grid placed in the center of a room acts as a doorway or opening to other dimensions. Through the astral world of the speed of light travel, our dreams and meditations are transported to new and unseen places. Sleep or meditate within the center of the crystal grid. © psychic medium Ian Scott

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