Astrology: September Stars 2012

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Ah sweet obsession!   Right now, you’re oozing passion and determination.  Others are hypnotically drawn to you, but only the weird and wonderful will be granted access to your inner sanctum.  And they had better play by the rules.  Even though you are slow to venom right now, if aroused, you could carry out a kill with frightening detachment.


So tragic…and yet so strong.   No wonder others are drawn to you. But you have been just a teensy bit moody of late so the good news is that from 7th September onwards, an energy shift tears you away from self-indulgent nostalgia, and thrusts you into the spotlight.  Get ready to shine and deliver because the stage is prepped for your gorgeous presence and the audience awaits…breathless.  Lap it up.


With all those neurones firing at lightning speed, who could blame you if you’re a bit on edge right now.  Best not stray too far from home.  In fact your digs are a mess and you need to sort through paperwork (and the dishes).  Get hoovering because it is highly likely that you will have a few welcome (and not so welcome) visitors.  Any minor irritant will be of no consequence as long as you bite your tongue.


Still reeling after last month’s full moon double whammy, take a deep breath or two before sailing into September.  It’s time for some peace and quiet.   Time to nurture and heal yourself.  There will be a few distractions though, lots of emails, phone calls and short trips will keep you occupied.  Just make sure you take the time out to indulge yourself.  You deserve it.


OK Puss, so the focus isn’t ALL on you this month but hey, that won’t stop you getting the lion’s share, if you can.  Just a little of your rugged animal charm goes a long way, and has the potential to reap some big rewards.  A restless shift of energy around the 23rd September will focus your attention on travel, either in body, mind or spirit.  The vibes are electric and guaranteed to surprise.


Happy birthday clever one!  Now at last, you can emerge from your cocoon of silence, reinvigorated and ready to take control.  After weeks of annoying confusion and faux pas(s), your razor-sharp wit can now slice and dice even the most intimidating opponent.  Around the 17th September you will feel a definite swing in energy as your relationships get put under the microscope.


All work and no play does nothing for your complexion darling, so you must strike a balance this month.  But this may be difficult because your magnificent career is taking off, or at the very least, you are receiving recognition for your efforts.  Just watch that tendency of yours towards sloth and mood swings, and then most folks will be impressed.  A little navel-gazing will restore your flagging joie de vivre.


Take note Scorpio.  An almost imperceptible energy shift on the 19th September will see you finally put to bed an issue which has been bugging you since around March. You can no longer go on with the way things are.  You’ve tried, but face it….it’s dead in the water.  So what if you’ve changed your mind?  Finally, you realise that you never needed it in the first place.  And finally, you can move on.


Did I mention that you’re not entirely having a fantastic time at the moment?  Well stop chafing at the bit and pull your weight.  To put it bluntly, you’re talking way too much, laughing way too loud (on the rare occasion that you have anything to laugh about) and generally annoying others.  Pull your head in before someone else does it for you.  Apart from that, sweetheart, your lucky charm is swinging just fine.


Why do people so underestimate you?  Guess they’re unaware of your steely ambition and hunger for power.  You never play all your cards at once – information is power and it needs to be carefully monitored and controlled.  In fact, you are the master poker-face right now – your strategy is cool and detached and as always, time is on your side.  A good time for a manicure.


Mask firmly fixed in place, you dive deep this month.  Nothing is as it seems and you need to look beneath the surface.  But be prepared that you may not like what you see. Tough.  Stop trying to control everyone and everything around you and control yourself.  Why not throw out those old attitudes and try on a new set?  They may not fit, but at least everyone else will be fooled into thinking that you’re “normal”.


September becomes you my pretty.  They say that pain and suffering makes you all the more beautiful – but try telling you that, after you cop one in the gills for helping somebody out.  Victim or martyr?  It’s difficult to tell.  Your boundaries are blurred as the astral plane beckons.  Dreams are keeping you awake, so ground yourself with a healthy diet and exercise regime.  Take those vitamin pills.  You need to.

Crystal Gaze


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