September Super Moon – Chiron Flavored

Sept super moon

On September 9th AEST the full moon will be in Pisces, bringing us one of the most spiritual lunations of the year. This months full moon is the last of three super moon for the year, making it extremely potent. The week leading up to this event brings with it a grand fire trine with Neptune, Jupiter and Venus, adding to the mystical, magical and rather dreamy atmosphere of the September Harvest Moon. It is also conjunct the wounded healer Chiron.

The “Perigee moon” is up to 30 percent brighter than other full moons and they occur when there is a direct alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun.   As we know, Moon phases have a great influence on our emotions, particularly women, and this month, as it is in a water sign, they will be noticeably affected by the intensified energies.

It is a perfect climate to bring about some changes, which are desperately needed on the planet, by joining forces beyond the veil and sending peace and love to our brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of deluded aggressors.  The power of love is far greater than any power of divide and conquer and when ever more than one is gathered in her name – it is intensely multiplied and magnified.

Whereas the dark moon signifies new beginnings, the Full Moon is when these new beginnings culminate and with a super moon the events will seem even more dramatic and climactic.  Super moons can have us all getting in touch with our feminine sides. As well as the emotional roller coaster, there can be great floods of love and happiness accompanying this event.

The Pisces super moon can bring us back in touch with the bigger picture and provide the opportunity to dream. The positive manifestation of this moon will be those who are sensitive to its powerful force will have the ability to redeem themselves and help others to do so.  There is a great opportunity for salvation and being of service to others.

On a personal level, the healing energy of this chiron flavored moon will bring up childhood wounds, flashback to important milestone in our upbringing and long buried family traumas from our very early years, which could reveal themselves in dreams. We’re all going to feel sensitive to criticism and want to be treated with kid gloves.  We may hurt each other’s feelings without realizing it.

Something important could come to an end, a cycle or way of life. Let’s utilize this opportunity and make it a new cycle of peace and spiritual awakening for our global family. – Jyoti Eagles


  1. Linda Rae

    Very informative, thank you. Not looking forward to the flashbacks of childhood traumas tho 🙁

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