21-12-2012 Ascension Of Earth

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21-12-2012 Ascension Of Earth

The shift of consciousness is up to us humans, it is a part of our evolution. Re-claiming our psychic selves. Again recognizing our potential as loving, healing beings.

21-12-2012 Ascension Of Earth

Transcending the materialistic conditioning. Becoming awake and aware that all is possible. Finding our true spiritual calling one of higher consciousness, love, light and honesty. There are, in divine timing cosmic influences which allow us to receive this energy more so than ever before. This shift has been going on for at least 25 years or so and continues for another 25 years or so after the man-made magical date of 21-12-2012.

Just maybe after this date arrives and goes by and nothing happens. We can then get to the task at hand. Maybe then a realization that the shift has to take place inside of us. Nothing is going to happen unless we make it happen. The urgency is if we, us humans, after this date still continue as we are then we only have 2 years until we render the entire planet on a course of irreversible damage leading to destruction. We really do only have one chance! © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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