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Celtic Knot Pendant And Necklace


Celtic Knot pendant 3 cm in diameter
61 cm natural cord necklace
Item location Australia
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Celtic Knot Pendant

The Celtic Knot pendant and 61 cm natural cord necklace. Spiritual jewellery with meaning.

Celtic Knot Meaning

Within the Celtic knot, we notice a beginning and or an end, teaching us of the timeless nature and the spirit of all things. The spiritual meaning of the Celtic knot is birth death and rebirth in both the physical and in the spirit world. Very similar to the path of the bat totem.

The never ending path, the Celtic knot represents an uninterrupted life cycle. The ancient symbol may be used as a charm amulet or talisman warding against bad spirits ill health, obstacles and setbacks which may disturb the rhythm of life. The Celtic knot has a power all of its own vibrating to the energy of love success wealth and continuous movement. If there is movement, there is change, if there is change, there is life. © by psychic medium Ian Scott. Continue reading the spiritual meaning of the Celtic Knot>



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