Druid Boy Designs Hand Crafted by Psychic Medium Ian Scott


Ian Scott:
Owner, Designer, Creator


Popular Australian Psychic Medium Ian Scott has been involved with the handcrafted arts for many years, as well as owning and running his spiritual magazine Thrive on News. From oil paintings to sculpture Ian works with Australian Clay's, Alder Wood and various coloured paints and glazes. Ian loves to channel to life his art pieces.

The spiritual and psychic process involved in the making of the amulets is taken very seriously with ritual and purification at the forefront. I will not sit down to create anything unless I have a connection with spirit. During the making of the amulets prayer, love and protection are the intentions. Handcrafting and hand painting each item spending hours on just one piece for the love of it, you can be assured of a quality one off piece made and charged psychically by Ian Scott himself. 

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