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Meditation Music For Kids Relaxing

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  • Genre: Meditation music
  • Purpose: Relaxation, Sleep
  • Length: 1.00.11
  • File Size: 78mb


Meditation Music For Kids Download MP3

High quality digital MP3 audio. 1 Hour Of Meditation Music kids. Guided meditation specially designed for relaxation. Enjoy this meditation music for sleep and soothing soulful sounds blended with healing tones and vibrant rhythms. Recharge heal, uplift and revitalize your mind body and soul.

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100% Royalty Free Music. Original Meditation music, immediate download mp3. Spiritual healing tones create ambient atmospheres perfect for meditation. Ian Scott.

* Hypnosis background for your youtube videos
* Websites or Blog
* yoga/meditation classes
* relaxation at home
Note: Once purchased it will be for your personal and commercial use.
Sample Music

Meditation For Kids

This written meditation script has a variety of meditation techniques to ease one into total relaxation, with an emphasis on dynamic muscle tensioning. Prepare your space, quiet surrounds, no interruptions and a place where you can lay flat on your back with proper head and neck support. It is best to perform an aura detox before you begin, the method found here > The parts written in italic are instructions for the parent speaking the guided meditation. The time frame of the meditation is roughly 1hr and 20 minutes. Continue reading meditation for kids >

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1 review for Meditation Music For Kids Relaxing

  1. Donna Moree

    My kids do actually fall asleep to this surprisingly! It also calms my add child if I play it to him when he is upset. Thanks

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