Mugwort Smudge Stick: hand rolled
Length: 12 cm

Mugwort Magical And Psychic Properties

Mugwort releases its powerful healing properties through heat, roll up a mugwort leaf hold it over a flame until smoke appears then begin to wave the herb over the body for purification of the spirit. Drinking mugwort tea just before sleep will aid in the process of prophecy and lucid dreaming. Placing the dried herb inside your pillow will induce astral travel, mugwort lucid dreaming, and pleasant dreams and also protects against nightmares.

Chop up dried mugwort leaves and flowers into fine pieces, place them in a heatproof bowl set them alight, inhale the smoke for creative vision and heightening one’s psychic awareness. Hang the plant in doorways for protection against disease and evil spirits. Some native American Indians used mugwort as a smudge stick to purify their spiritual and physical environments. Make a small sachet of mugwort place it the car for safe travel. See also Marshmallow Plant > © by psychic medium Ian Scott To learn more about mugwort >


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