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Nature’s Oracle Cards
By Psychic Medium Ian Scott

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Nature’s Oracle cards will help you align with your own psychic ability developing strong intuition, helping you make decisions which bring about the most fortuitous outcome to your projects and goals. Offering spiritual wisdom and guidance to any situation or circumstance.

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Hey Ian just bought some of the natures oracle cards, wanted to take their magic with me as I’m moving and it reminded me to thank you for the healings you gave me on the Gold Coast, I had endometriosis and over active thyroid both were meant to stop me from being able to fall pregnant,  I am now pregnant with my 2 nd miracle and I know it’s all thanks to you ! You’re an amazing man and I was blessed to have met you.   Love Always Suzie xx“Thank You Ian.

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Nature’s Oracle Cards Buy Online

About Nature’s Oracle Cards

Nature’s Oracle (The way of energy) a divination Oracle card system, that acts as a spiritual learning tool, to help one raise their consciousness and develop ones psychic potential. Within the words and principles outlined in Nature’s Oracle cards, an energy may be read about any question. Hidden around finding the answer to your question is a guide to a higher understanding of the universal principles and the natural laws of earth magic.

Be guided by the wind transformed by earth and blessed by the comet knowing that waterfall shapes your dreams. Blissfully enter the wisdom of nature explore its mystical and spiritual meanings. Learn the ways of the spiritual warrior through reading the signs of nature herself. Allow Nature’s Oracle cards to help you create that connection, strong intuition and a shaman’s knowledge of nature’s signs and symbology. The symbol for Nature’s Oracle and Thrive On News is two Ogham letters joined together, to see its meaning read Ogham Protection Rune.

Nature’s Oracle cards by the popular Australian Psychic Medium Ian Scott, Ian has over 30 years experience as a professional psychic medium. Nature’s Oracle cards were channelled from spirit by Ian in a process called automatic writing back in 2007.  Inspired by the sacred tree groves around the world. Experience nature’s elements as an energy, as the trees do. Each deck is powered with healing energy by psychic medium Ian Scott Australia.

* 44 card deck
* Card size 6.5 cm x 9.2 cm
* Instruction cards
* Quality Assured

How To Use Nature’s Oracle Cards

Oracle cards online, Nature’s Oracle The way of energy is an oracle, so it responds to questions you ask it. Before choosing an oracle card, think of a question. Shuffle the cards a few times, hold that question in mind, choose one card from the deck.  Contemplation on the oracle card chosen broadens your understanding of the answer you’re looking for. Please enjoy the psychic awareness oracle, remember to meditate upon the answer given, to allow your own psychic intuition to enter. This is the correct way to receive a yes no oracle answer.

Use Nature’s Oracle every day, as a spiritual kick starter for the day, giving you valuable clues on how to arrange your day spiritually so it works for you. Choose a card before meditating offering you a theme to meditate to, bringing forth answers and messages from spirit to your questions.

The Five Element Oracle Cards

The five elements are Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and Metal. If you have chosen one of the element cards, this heightens the energy associated with the answer to your question. Element oracle cards have double the energy of others. They usually arrive in major parts of your life. The psychic awareness oracle will guide you through the toughest times by bringing your inner self and natural wisdom to the surface. Developing our spiritual gifts.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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Oracle cards for sale, buy Nature’s Oracle cards the way of energy on-line. If you’re not satisfied with Nature’s Oracle please contact Ian for a refund.  I treat my customers the way I would want to be treated and try to make every interaction a positive one. Ian Scott

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