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Rune Stone Set Elder Futhark

Rune Stone Set Of 24 Hand Crafted by psychic medium Ian Scott. Made for the shaman by the shaman. Material Australian white clay. These rune stones are a one of a kind set designed and carved by Ian Scott himself assuring they contain their channelled psychic magic. Occasionally Ian creates a one-off set of rune stones for the public.

About The Viking Runes

Rune stone meanings. An ancient Anglo-Saxon alphabet in the time of Odin (old Norse od, meaning ‘spirit’), ( over 2000 years old ) similar in intent and purpose to the Celtic alphabet the Ogham. No one really knows the origins of the runic alphabet nor their meanings, sometimes called Viking runes the elder futhark is still a mystery. Neither alphabet was ever used as a language as such, rather signposts, protective symbols, a form of communication, gravestone markings names and places and magic. Ancient inscriptions used in spells, manifestation and marked jars of secret potions to describe ingredients to other soothsayers. Runes were also inscribed on weapons and tools to provide magical protection. Rune Stones Meanings And Symbols and How to read runestones the elder futhark COMPLETE RUNE STONE MEANINGS FOUND HERE: >


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forest green, black pearl, copper, teal


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