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Wolf Totem Pendant And Necklace


Celtic Wolf Pendant
Natural cord necklace 61cm
Black Agate eye’s
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Wolf Totem Pendant

Celtic Wolf totem pendant talisman amulet and 61 cm natural cord necklace with clasps. Black agate eyes of the wolf.

What is the symbolic meaning of the wolf?

Wolf Spirit animal breathes Telepathic Communication, Pathfinder, Intuition, Untamed Spirit, Guardian of the spirit realm, Ritualistic, Spirit Guide Teacher, ( Gray Wolf ) Loyalty, Spiritual Warrior, The six senses, Stamina, Family, Body Language, Faithful, Companionship, Discipline. The Celts praised the Wolf the great Fenrir, as a symbol of strength and victory. Wolf spirit animal traits are knowledgeable and seek to share their wisdom with others for the benefit of the community. Wolf spirit animal people have a sharp intelligence quick wit and robust set of instincts.To learn more about the wolf totem see here>

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Dimensions 3.2 × 3 × 3.2 cm


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