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Earth Mystics Anticipation

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Online Short Story

The Tale Of The Hidden Oasis And The Earth Mystics

Earth Mystics Anticipation
Earth Mystic online short story

Earth Mystics Anticipation Chapter Six

Anticipation and excitement filled Elysha’s thoughts, right up until she met with her friends and could tell them all about the new discoveries and information found. Although she seemed to be talking faster than normal, the boys heard and understood every word she uttered. Then she has begun to speak of the mystics and suddenly her voice was lowered, calmed as her tone simultaneously softened and at once all 3 were captivated.

“Take me” spoke an unfamiliar tone unheard by all; it was Troy’s brother and it was the first time anyone had heard him make an audible sound. And just like that Elysha suddenly realized she had failed to get his name, well, everything had moved so fast, he was so quiet and of course, she was so caught up that it had completely slipped her thoughts, so what better time to ask than now. “Isis” he had replied in a rather stern and matter of fact voice that Elysha would never have expected from him followed by “Can you take me please”.

It seemed as though his brother and Elysha were both rendered speechless themselves, stuck in a state of awe, they were amazed as they were curious. Slowly but surely Elysha responded with “Yeesss, yes, I’ve already thought of it and mother and I was planning to hopefully go down this afternoon when she has finished work so you will both have time to go home and get permission then come with us. Both boys nodded their heads in agreeance and with bulging eyes of eagerness. This day could not of run any smoother, in fact it was far better than Elysha had anticipated for, still in disbelief that “Isis“ could not just speak but spoke so well and assertively and more shocking that she had not asked for his name earlier but then again they had all connected so well it was easy to see why such a trivial note could be mistaken or forgotten, it did not diminish the friendship nor add any stress or strain upon either of them.

Before long it was the afternoon and they were on their way home, Elysha saw her friends off and went home to await her mother’s arrival from work. Elysha could barely contain her excitement. Her friends had arrived before her mother and they all waited patiently and the suspense was more than any of them could handle. Finally, Elysha’s mother had arrived and came full of apologies as it turned out she was just as excited as the kids were to go to this magical place and learn more of the earth mystics as well as their part in this journey. So off they all went to meet their destiny, together, including Isis and his great need to meet the earth mystics. © Wendee Valencia

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