Silica Benefits And Ascension

Silica Benefits And The Ascension Code

Silica is the most important mineral to life itself. It is abundant as oxygen and water and just as important. Without it, the body goes into a breakdown. The bones become weak and brittle our third eye calcified shutting down our intuition and natural connection to spirit.

Silica benefits
silica and Ascension

Losing our physical structure and shape. The skins elasticity and our immune system break down. Eventually causing obesity and depression. Silica naturally disperses toxins and heavy metals in the process of building a strong immune system. An example of this being, Aluminium that causes Alzheimer’s, dementia, blood and timorous cancers.  If allowed to build up over a period of time.

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Silica Health Benefits

Petroleum-based products used in and on our soils for long periods of time now have destroyed the Earth.  Making it impossible for our fruit and vegetables to provide for us properly. That has been one reason behind the absence of Silica within our foods such as tomatoes and potatoes. The powers that be have also been slowly extracting the all-important Silica mineral. Leaving us all grappling for a healthy life. This consequently puts the public in hospitals and at the doctor’s mercy. Then we are sold drugs to further accelerate the death process, not heal us. Silica deficiency is not recognised in the medical world ( at the time of writing this article ). Now you know why.  It is subtle and instead of being treated for Silica deficiency you shall be treated for the ailment that it has caused.

We all need it, even those that wish to deprive us of it. That is why we may all still buy Silica gel ( soluble in the human body ) separately in a bottle at the other end of the supermarket to the fruit and vegetables. Please try the Silica test. Watch how your entire body becomes alive from within. Watch it repair and heal all the bodies ailments.  Watch your hairs grow back and the weight falls off. The entire process of Silica replenishment may sometimes take up to 12 months.


Silica The Earth Starseeds And Ascension

Silica is the main component of Quartz crystal. The ingredient that gives Quartz its quality to vibrate, creating energy. That is why spiritual people are attracted to them, as each one resonates with Mother Earth. Clear Quartz is the Earth’s immune system. Without Silica at the right levels in our body, we shall all find it difficult to hold a vibration with the Earth. We cannot even vibrate to save ourselves let alone trying to tune into the Earth or Spirit. As children, we tend to have good Silica levels hence youthfulness. Nevertheless, at around the age of ten, it starts to decline. This is only because it is no longer available to us in our foods.

With the Shift of consciousness upon us, one from power and greed to one of Love and Honesty. We will all need to replenish our Silica levels. Allowing Mother Earth Consciousness to flow in the people once again. Currently, ten percent of us residing here on Earth are from elsewhere amongst the stars. Here to help with the consciousness shift. With two main organic life forms in the universe, Carbon and Silica-based. Those of us star seed light workers simply cannot survive here without Silica. Many lightworkers complain of not being able to do their spiritual work. Silica Deficiency is similar to the effects of fluoride when it comes to the ability of psychically tuning in.

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We are able to fix this together through awareness and unification. Earthlings are in the illusion of money and materialism as a way of life. Love and Honesty and a return to living on the planet will change the world faster than anything else. Another great source of silica is horsetail an ancient plant with the highest concentrations of silica than any other plant. Also, has other amazing healing benefits.  See also Golden Trine Of Health >   Purchase Silica > © by psychic medium Ian Scott 


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    This is wonderful and I do believe with the conscious shift upon us people will become more aware of the spirit that dwells within and the needs it yearns for will be met by those who are wiling to listen with love and honesty and with guidance like this ignorance is only a choice, together we can all achieve our higher spiritual consciousness and hopefully money will no longer be the power here.. Much love xo

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