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A Single Persons Guide To Encouraging Love

A guide for single persons. Loving someone (other than your family) with
unconditional love and the person you’re with also loves unconditionally.

Over the many years of practicing as a psychic reader, relationships continue to be the most popular reason why people consult a psychic. The tricky thing about relationships is there are a few universal laws that apply. Earth is a learning place, a place to learn unconditional love, which is the core of ascension and spiritual growth. It is the reason and purpose of being on earth. To learn unconditional love, one must first learn to love.

Relationship Advice

It is within multiple relationships over an extended period of time that provides the lessons for us to move toward unconditional love. I have read many people having 40 years plus relationships and when they visit the love between them is still oh so evident, it’s truly beautiful. On the other hand, as I said in the beginning relationships are the number one reason for a consultation. Going through the ups and downs of heartache is a spiritual opportunity to move toward unconditional love.

When you can love someone (other than your family) with unconditional love and the person you’re with also loves unconditionally. You then have a relationship that will last forever, unless one of them moves out of unconditional love. Without growth in a relationship, that is without unconditional love and communication, the relationship is destined for failure. My advice to those with relationship problems is, are you both grow together, if the answer is yes, then there is always love and hope to continue. If the answer is no, then you have two options communicate your love to each other and start to grow again if this is not possible, move on.

In moving on you open your self to spiritual growth again, don’t give up ! remember that’s what you’re here for, to learn to love unconditionally. When open to love, love comes screaming in. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe without it nothing would exist.

A Single Persons Guide To Encouraging love

The bedroom, first you will need a double bed, a bed built for two. The bed needs to be away from the walls, that is either person needs to able to get to their side of the bed easily without obstruction. Actually, if you are single and have your bed up against the wall where only you can get in easily, it is giving a sign to the universe and to any potential partner that you want to be alone. Not wanting to share love, sharing love is an ingredient of happiness. The only way to move on, to find love again is to want to. The space on either side of the bed should be equal. Bedside tables, make sure you have two of them, one for you and one for your incoming partner. 

Feng Shui For Relationships

Stand at your bedroom door looking into the room, the far right-hand corner of the room is the relationship corner. To enhance the energy of the relationship corner place a lamp or candle on a small table in the corner. The colours for the relationship corner are black and white, use those colours when decorating this corner. Apply these same rules to the front door of your house, stand at the front door looking into the house the far right-hand corner is the relationship corner. A table with black and white trinkets will ground the right energy in that area.

When you’re going about putting these things into practice, have on your mind that you’re wanting someone to come into your life, that is on an equal basis of love and spiritual growth. If you truly understand that everyone is on the path of learning unconditional love, you will never be hurt, only wiser and spiritually stronger growing toward unconditional love. © by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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5 thoughts on “A Single Persons Guide To Encouraging Love”

  1. I spent an entire day moving and deep cleaning the bedroom after reading this and I am back to read it again. I must say that moving the room and making the bed accessible on both sides has had a dramatic effect on how my partner and I have been getting along. We had been spending many nights sleeping apart before doing this and now he is much more likely to stay by my side. Everything isn’t perfect but when we do spend a large part of the night apart he will eventually calm down, come back to bed and wrap his arms around me. I am so grateful for that!

  2. Wow well this makes a lot of sense! This bedroom (which I currently hate staying in) is set up ALL WRONG!!! Ughh! I’m stuck with my ex.. even though we are together and NOT.. he is the father of my children and I’d like to see things work but he is very stubborn. We had split up and I am staying with him temporarily but he always complains that I am invading his space. Well “his” bed is wedged all up in the corner of the room and the bedroom does not feel loving or happy at all. One minute he wants me here and is all loving and caring and the next he can’t stand to be near me. I feel like this about him as well. I really just want to get my own place.. if I moved things around .. besides him potentially freaking out I wonder what a difference it might make.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I really love your feng shui analysis. Loving someone unconditionally is the true test. It’s easy enough to love someone when they please you, but weathering the storms is what makes you stronger (individually and as partners). Not everyone is ready to give (or even receive!) unconditional love, but someday they will be… in this life or another.

  4. It seems I have accidently placed the correct things in the right corner of my home from the front door as I painted a wooden corner cabinet I purchased second hand, from black to white and I have a rose quartz, photographs of my children and black silhouette ornaments;an Indian meditating woman, a long cat and an elephant. I also have a candle boat on there.
    My right corner of my bedroom has a dehumidifier there ( not sure of that significance, it keeps damp away). I could place a corner shelf with a lamp and oil burner there.

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