Solar Eclipse – New Moon April – Firing Up The Cardinal Cross

April 29th AEST, dark moon is in Aries, and currently void of course. When the moon is void of course – it’s a bit like a Mercury Retrograde. It’s a time to sit still and plan what action to take when it moves forward again. There also happens to be a total solar eclipse happening today, wrapping up the month of April, 2014 with one big exclamation mark!

New Moon Solar Eclipse

We experienced a Luna eclipse on the full moon, just before the grand cardinal cross locked in on the 22nd of the month, and now, as the cross starts to separate slightly, we have a solar eclipse on the dark moon. (See my previous post on the Grand Cardinal Cross.) As a rule of thumb, lunar eclipses function to dissolve the past and solar eclipses begin something new. It’s as if the gods have conspired to provide the planet and its inhabitants with an opportunity to start again. This event is like a second hit off of the Grand Cardinal Cross, involving this time the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, opposite Mars (which remains retrograde) in Libra. This squares Pluto in Capricorn opposing Jupiter in Cancer.

Pluto is known for his ability to reveal the truth of a situation – and as he visits Capricorn, which rules structure and institutions – he is ensuring that the very foundations and structure of our society is under his scrutiny. Mars the lower octave of Pluto, is the god of war. He can be provocative and impatient and sometimes in your face but he is retrograde until early next month and is asking us to have a good look at the past before we take action. Uranus is the God of Change. Of innovation and technology and like his little brother Mercury can be a bit tricky at times and bring something in that is totally unexpected. He asks us to think beyond the square.

Jupiter is the God of luck and expansion and has rather grandiose ideas. Sitting in Cancer – the house of family and tribe – he is protecting his children and making sure we unite as one big family to carry out what destiny has in store for us all. The tension we have all felt this month is heralding in a new era, and it takes awareness and vigilance to know when and how to play our individual part, but remember – it is the sum of the parts that make it greater than the whole. – Jyoti Eagles

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