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Soul Retrieval Meditation Music

Soul Retrieval meditation music mp3 free download. Gather in from your
past what has been lost or taken from you, reconnect your love fragments.

soul retrieval meditation music
Soul Retrieval Crow A Guide For Your Journey – Artwork Ian Scott

Soul Retrieval Meditation Music

If you have been in a tradgedy or are suffering an emotional or mental breakdown. Soul retrieval can help you find yourself again. An ancient craft of astral travel, dreams and spiritual growth. There is something in the saying pull yourself together.

Recapture and collect the fragmented parts of your soul. Use this ambient relaxing meditation music to give you the ideal vibration on which to drift into a trance and see your past clearly. Once there, provoked by strong will and command that your unique vibratory pattern be whole again.

Gather in from your past what has been lost or taken from you, reconnect your love fragments. May the animal spirit guardians watch over you in this time of shamanic healing, and if by chance during your meditations one shall appear, mark them down as your own personal animal spirit guide. © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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To download this free MP3 meditation music, click on the audio player below, the player will load, click the 3 vertical dots, click the download icon.

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