Australian tree meanings medicinal properties and indigenous
rituals and uses from a collection of true Australian tree spirits.

Australian Tree Meanings
Medicinal And Spiritual Properties Of Australian Trees

Australia Tree Meanings

A list of Australian trees and plants learn their spiritual and mystical meanings along with how to grow and care for them. All living things contain a spirit, it is our true nature, a spirit of the trees is a comprehensive look at how our beautiful trees serve, delight and heal us on our time here on planet earth. The spirit of trees reminds us we are all one living thing connected together by the universal glue of love. © by psychic medium Ian Scott.

Australian Tree Spirits List


Introduction Kodama Spirit Meaning

Kodama tree spirits

Kodama Tree Spirits

Kodama is a Japanese word, Ko meaning Tree and Dama meaning Spirit.

The Japanese people believe all living things have a spirit ( Kami ) or soul.
Tree groves are sacred ground all over the world, many have ancient buildings
and churches built in and around them. Kodama Continue reading >


Eucalyptus Tree Australia

Eucalyptus Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits
Eucalyptus Tree – The Provider

Eucalyptus Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

An amazingly iconic and dominant specimen of Australian flora is the Eucalyptus tree or more commonly known as the Gumtree. The name Eucalyptus, being derived from Greek eu – well –  kaluptos – covered, a clear reference to its unique flowers. Eucalyptus Continue reading >

Wattle Tree Australia

Wattle Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Wattle Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

The word Wattle is and old English word meaning interlaced rods and twigs. Early shelters for the European settlers in Australia were made out of wattle branches from the black wattle or Acacia mearnsii and mud. Allowing protection from the elements in our harsh sometimes unforgiving climate. Wattle Continue reading >

Melaleuca Tree Australia

Paper Bark Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Paper Bark Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Australia’s Indigenous people made great use of this natural treasure they used the paperbark tree as soft bark for bandages sleeping mats, cradles and for wrapping food for cooking in underground ovens known as Kap Mari or Kap Mauri. Oven temperatures are high but due to the lack of oxygen the paper won’t ignites, keeping the food moist and tender. The Melaleuca bark was also used for funeral ceremonies, bodies would be wrapped in the bark before the ceremony commenced. Paper Bark Continue reading >

Bottle Brush Tree Australia

Bottle Brush Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Bottle Brush Tree Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Indigenous people used this bottle brush plant as a natural energy drink, ingeniously taking full advantage of their natural surroundings. Soaking the flowers in water essentially drinking all the natural goodness. The same method was used for the Banksia flowers. Bottle Brush Continue reading >

Lemon Aspen Australia

Lemon Aspen Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Lemon Aspen Spiritual Uses and Benefits

This native commodity lemon aspen packs a powerful flavour with a tart citrus taste and a hint of eucalyptus very tangy. Lemon Aspen in Foods, Great when the flesh is stewed with sugar and then used in a variety of recipes including sauces, chutney, fish seasoning, marmalade, desserts, refreshing drinks or pastries and many more. Lemon Aspen Continue reading >

Muntrie Berries Australia

 Australian tree meanings

Muntrie Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Traditionally Muntrie is consumed and utilized by the Aboriginal people, they found the berries may be eaten raw, dried or formed into a paste. The drying of the Muntrie berries meant they could be eaten and traded all year round. Muntrie Berries Continue reading >

Lomandra Australia

 Australian tree meanings

Lomandra Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Indigenous people found the Lomandra plant extremely useful and versatile they ground the seeds for the making of a damper, chewed the base of the leaves for hydration as they contain water and starch, making it a very useful survival or refreshment tool. Lomandra Continue reading >

Hibiscus Plant 

 Australian tree meanings

Hibiscus Spiritual Meanings

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis from the family of Malvaceae. Its name derived from the Greek word Hibiscus meaning “mallow” and rosa-sinensis, its definition being “rose of China”. In Singapore, locals call the flower Bunga Raya or flower of celebration. Hibiscus Continue reading >

Banksia Tree Australia

 Australian tree meanings

Banksia Spiritual Uses and Benefits

The indigenous people found the Banksia a very sweet survival treat, with the flowers they would either suck the nectar from it directly or soak it in a bark or a wooden bowl with some water creating a very naturally very sweet energy drink. The Aborigines also found that the Silver Banksia’s dried flowers could be used to strain drinking water and that Banksia wood could make tools for weaving mats and baskets. Banksia tree Continue reading >

Stinging Plant

 Australian tree meanings
Stinging Plant Spiritual Uses and Benefits

Stinging Plant Spiritual Uses and Benefits

The indigenous people had discovered how to work around the hairs never touching the leaves unless carefully and always with the grain to avoid the needle-like stingers. My Grandfather once got stung in the Jimna forestry and passed along to my Dad something that a tribesman had shared with him. Stinging Plant Continue reading >