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Spiritual Awareness Live Life

An inspirational piece on spiritual awareness finding your
center and mind, body soul balance. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

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Spiritual Awareness Manifestation Magic

Manifestation we all do it, all day long, the trick is being conscious of what you’re bringing into existence. We need to want and expect the abundance of life to move beyond the survival fears we all learn at childhood. The sky is never going to fall on top of you, and your life will not be stricken with chaos unless you actively manifest it with negative, destructive and fearful thoughts.

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Negativity creates resistance to life. Who is the master of your life? is it what other people may be thinking about you or is it only what you think about you?. When we are children the instinct for survival is powerful, but our resistance to life, combined with an internal fear, negative beliefs, and limitations that we learn from our parents, has an effect on everything that we experience in our lives. Take a look at your parents are they fearful, negative and full of cynicism? have you naturally gained these traits growing up with them?

If we are fearful of life then we grow up to expect disaster and negativity, making ourselves available to illness, problem relationships, and financial difficulty. If you are struggling mentally in life to bring about joy, laughter, and prosperity it is a direct result of being fearful of life. In turn creating a life of negativity, cynicism, illness and eventually death of the self.

By changing the way we view the world and others around us, we can give up trying to survive and learn how to thrive. When we are open to life and the universe it brings limitless opportunities and natural abundance. Train yourself to expect the best from life, trust yourself to handle whatever challenges life puts in front of you. If thunder is clapping in the night skies we have a choice is it the groaning’s of a mad angry god that wants to punish us or is it just the earth having a good old belly laugh.

We are all capable of experiencing abundance, prosperity, positive relationships, and well being, if you’re alive today you have the whole world ahead of you and available to you. Embrace the uncertainty of life with all it’s mysteries, open yourself to growth and new experiences with positive eye’s, you’ll find life to be just simply magic. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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  1. I agree, we need to believe that we can live a positive life with and in abundance, which can help us spread our message about peace too :-)

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