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Bars And Melody Spiritual Children

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Bars And Melody Duo Charlie And Leondre

Every now and then the most powerful angels, the ones that walk the earth, shine an indisputable light of love and healing. An abundance of spiritual energy penetrates through the thick fog of negativity and darkness to reach us, uplift us and transcend us. The human spirit connects with the divine bringing the light down to earth.

Bars & Melody musical duo charlie and leondre
Bars & Melody


Musical duo Bars & Melody aka, Charlie aged 15 ( left of photo ) and Leondre aged 13 perform, “Hope” by Twista and Faith Evans, with Leondre rewriting some of the lyrics to suit his own situation of dealing with bullies at school.


Musical Duo Bars And Melody

Regardless of what happens now to the duo, their job is done, the light has been spread the message is out. Self-expression through music, knowing oneself, the key to spiritual growth, there are no age limits on being able to reach this, as Leondre proves to us. Facing the darkness that surrounds us in our lives and the dark side of us all, is challenging for anyone. But if we can look at these challenges as a path to bring light to our lives and the world, everyone benefits. In fact, the whole universe benefits because love is the glue that holds it all together.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott



5 Responses

  1. Shannon Clements

    Beautiful. It’s so nice to see caring children. We need to do more to encourage this type of mentality.

  2. Louise Welsh

    I have 4 children and whilst not musical, they are very much more expressive than the generation before them. I encourage their artistic traits. They also have a second nature with animals, they have no fear and animals that normally won’t go to anyone will go to my oldest 2. They are well in tune with things that matter.

  3. anniemariepeters

    Music is one of the most powerful ways we connect and communicate with one another. Self expression isn’t always easy. In doing so, you open yourself up to be hurt even more. Bars & Melody are truly brave and gifted souls.