Finding Inspiration Having No Fear

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with no fear
With No Fear

Spiritual Development

Why are we afraid to ask questions?
Why are we afraid to form our own opinions?
Why are we afraid to connect with other people?
Why are we afraid to stand up for what we believe to be right?
Why are we so afraid?

Spiritual Quotes

Self Help – Fear

Fear is a very large wedge that is driven between each and every individual on this planet.  We have let fear disconnect us from the world.  Is it really easier to see someone in pain and continue walking because you have never met them?  Is the fear of rejection and failure greater than the pride and accomplishment we feel because we tried? Is the fear of being judged by others really stronger than the fear of growing old and knowing you never once showed the world who you really are? I am not afraid to be HAPPY!!! © Angela Soya


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