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Thrive on news Druid boy designs Promotion How It Works

The thrive on news spiritual and esoteric magazine spiritual gift online promotion, enter now for free promotion starts now! ends on the 30th of June 2017. Like our Facebook fan page. In the comment section below in less than 100 words explain what you do on a regular basis to make the world a better place. It could be something as simple as smiling at everybody you see, free hugs. Or something a little more complex. The winner will be decided by the most creative, real, insightful and useful answer. If all of us, the whole 7 billion of us took an attitude of doing something small and honest to make others happy the world be a better place each and every day the world would change in front of our eyes.

Promotion Rules and Guidelines

The winner is selected by psychic medium Ian Scott based on insightfulness, creativity, positivity, love and unity. The promotion is free to enter no purchase required. Part of the winner’s eligible requirements is to like the Facebook fan page. Your personal details will never be used for anything other sending you your prize. The winner will be notified by email on the 1st of July and announced on Thrive on news free spiritual magazine in the comment section.

thrive on news spiritual gift promotion


Spiritual Gift Prize Pack Includes

1 Set of 44 nature’s oracle cards for spiritual development and divination.

2 Ogham Protection Amulet with a genuine leather necklace.

3 Mugwort smudge stick for purification.

4 Celtic Triquetra clay sculpture wall or door art.

5 Car Protection Sticker (Displays the Ogham protection symbol).

6 Druid Boy designs envelope seal.

7 Celtic Knot Pendant made especially for this competition.

8 Set of 24 handmade rune stones (Elder Futhark)

9 Thrive on news spiritual magazine promotional pen.

Promotion eligibility requirements

To enter the thrive on news spiritual and esoteric magazine’s online promotion you must be a resident of either Australia, United States or the United Kingdom. Participants must be over the age of 14 years old. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or any other third party. You understand that you are providing your information to Thrive on news spiritual magazine and not to Facebook or any other third party. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any claims. Many Blessings psychic medium Ian Scott

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Ian Scott popular Australian psychic medium over 30 years experience. Ian's amazing psychic ability and warmth and compassion for others is well known. Ian created Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine to share his automatic writing ability to channel spirit to the general public. Giving a global voice to our spiritual guides.

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24 Responses

  1. Psychic Medium Ian Scott


    Hello Briana, Congratulations you have won! The Druid Boy Designs promotion. I particularly liked your last sentence “I also use positive thinking and manifestation to send help to those that are hurting others and who have been hurt w whether I know them or not.” This is just fantastic this is the mindset that will heal the world.

    Many Blessings from the grove.
    Ian Scott

  2. Jo

    Hi my name is Jo and I don’t really have one particular way in which I help people. I try to help people through my FB page by giving them informative information on release, self love and believing they can do anything. When I meet people they tend to be open with me and that’s when I encourage people to release past hurts, trusting the universe self love and more. I like to send love to our planet and the people on it. Love is the key to everything.

    • Psychic Medium Ian Scott

      Hi Jo, oh so true that is! thank you for your entry. Many Blessings

  3. Briana Brown

    Hi, thank you for letting me know the appropriate place to put the comment , it’s much appreciated! You are doing great work Ian. My name is Bri and I use my ability of understanding to give advice on painful things in people’s life to help them heal. I also use positive thinking and manifestation to send help to those that are hurting others and who have been hurt w whether I know them or not.
    ,Thank you

    • Psychic Medium Ian Scott

      Hi Briana, thank you for kind words. Spoken like a true lightworker I appreciate your input greatly. Many Blessings from the grove.

  4. Krystal Dawn Barker

    I accepted for myself a thirty day challenge to write down 3 positive things (small or large) that I did or that happened during that day (without repeating any). I started on June 5th and I’ve learned that thee are more than three on some days, and others require a change in perspective to see the light. I work with a dedicated team of people on issues like food access / food insecurity, housing that is affordable, and building an all age friendly community.

    • Psychic Medium Ian Scott

      Hi Krystal, I love it! Your showing self-reflection at it’s highest understanding. A beautiful spiritual process of love for yourself and others. Thank you for participating many blessings.

  5. Elizabeth Jones Adkins

    Is the comment box for the contest? I am a druid and empath, and mother to a lovely indigo child. She is autistic, requiring a lot of care and guidance, but it is a labor of love. She offers so much to the world in her pure innocence, but also through her art (she is an award-winning a published artist). We both help and care for animals in need, fostering when possible. I host a FB page sharing natural home remedies with others and work healing ritual, free of charge, when requested. Druidry is my life style. and we are moving forward after escaping an abusive household :-)

    • Psychic Medium Ian Scott

      Thank you for your entry just wonderful many blessings

  6. Halcyon Daze

    Every time i cross paths with someone… i send them light when i touch them..or if we do not connect physically i send them light to their heart chakra. 🕉

  7. Jake

    My goal in life is to ignite the sacred fire that burns within every human being! By doing so they will learn to recognize their own amazing purpose on this Earth! Only then can we work together to help this world heal x

  8. Coleen ripley

    I try to make the world a better place by helping others change their mindset to a more positive one. All my life I have always been the one to help others and it is in my nature and purpose to do so. From as early as 4 I was looking after family members including my grandfather who had a heart condition and diabetes and my mother who suffers with Crohn’s and depression (through her illness). Knowing I helped them made me choose my career in caring for elderly and I want to progress to supporting people with mental health issues. I never really take time to care for my self as I always want others to be happy and put everyone before me and that’s what I think people should always think about because it helps makes the world grow into a less selfish place. Love and light and good luck to all that entered. <3

    • Psychic Medium Ian Scott

      Coleen thank you so much for your entry to our little promotion much appreciated. What a kind loving soul you are, this is wonderful oh come ye angels gather together. To truly help others we must be at 100% ourselves otherwise we are giving lesser drained healing. Because this is what you are Coleen a healer. Take care of yourself first then help others bring your energy in from above do not use your own. Many Blessings and thank you again. Ian

  9. Ronald Grafton

    Within my daily meditations, I send a prayer out to all those who need it, with the intention of healing.

  10. casadelcurandero

    I begin each day by sitting in silence to take in the days energy, once I am fully aware I turn to myself and smile warmly at myself, then I picture those close to me that I love and I smile warmly at them. I now smile warmly at all the animals, plants, water, and air of this planet. The next step is to smile warmly at those people in my life you have difficulties with. Then I smile warmly to those people that do not like me and then to those I do not like. After I have created this energy of compassion and love I smile at my city, state, country, the world, and the universe. At this point, I turn my attention to specific energetic healing prayer request I have received and strife in the world. I know return to myself smile warmly acknowledge I have done my best.

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